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What is more important, Health or Success? Humans are the most intelligent species among all the creatures living on Earth. It is important to know that biologically humans are the only species that can think and display emotions in an expressive manner better than any other creature.

Similarly, our brain is the superpower that ranks us above any other form of a living being on the face of Earth. We have the ability to think. The thinking ability gives us the opportunity to choose.
So what is more important to choose, Health or success?

Let’s look into the definitions first.

What is Health?

Some say it is a state of being free from illness or injury.

Others say it’s a condition of physical and mental state.

But according to WHO:

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

A healthy person can enjoy many perks in life. Some of the benefits of good health are as under:

Perks of Good Health

  • Long life
  • Happiness
  • Good relationships
  • Stress-free life
  • Success in work
Long life

    A healthy person has a better chance of living longer. His physical and mental capabilities keep him moving and the way we are naturally built, only a moving person can survive longer in life.

    It is also important to take control of your mind, only physical fitness is not enough for healthy happy living. Being an emotional being, negative thinking of the human mind have the capability to create a mountain out of grain.

    If the brain is too reactive and is creating scenarios that have nothing to do with real life, it means the person is suffering from mental and psychological problems and needs to see a doctor or a psychiatrist if the thing is out of his control.

    Hence, for long life, it is necessary to have good mental and physical health.


    Health and happiness are directly related to each other. In fact, they are inseparable.

    A healthy person is both physically and mentally healthy. Without one, the other is not achievable.

    Good Relationships

    Health also has an impact on relationships. Read more on it here…

    Stress-free life

    Lastly, a healthy person lives stress-free life because when he sees a problem, his mind goes towards finding the solutions, instead of taking too much stress to mind and heart.

    These are the benefits of good mental health. There is one last point of Success in Work but that requires us to move  towards the topic of success.

    So what is Success in work? and even before what is success? …


    The term success has many definitions in different perspectives.

    But somehow they all rime the similar sort of definition. For instance, a dictionary definition of success says:
    “The achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted; the gaining of fame or prosperity.” or “the favourable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavours.” is what success is.

    Analysis of success:

    We saw that success in its definition came up with all the big words like desires, plannings, attempts, fame, prosperity and endeavours.

    One way or the other, all of them require some sort of effort.

    And effort can only be applied by a healthy, happy human being.

    But our analysis doesn’t stop here…

    It is very early to jump to the conclusions.

    A healthy, happy human is required to achieve success in life. There are people out there, not necessarily very intelligent, who with the capability of their people skills took work from others and built their own empires.

    This ability saved their many precious hours and rewarded them from skills they actually didn’t possess.

    People like Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg didn’t build so much wealth only by the effort of their own hands and brains and to confuse you a little further success of material achievements is not the only kind of success but the one perceived and desired the most.

    So, where we stand?

    We have established some basis for both health and success and found out that there is some sort of algorithm, science or trickery in being successful and being healthy.

    Levels of success:

    There are many levels of success.

    The Low Level:

    Some people work their lives and all they achieve is enough that can take care of their expenses. There is nothing wrong with it, but this is only the lowest level of success.

    The Top Level:

    True success is in time and money leverage. A sort of successful life when you are sleeping and cash is floating in. A way of life where you are not dependent on locations and places of work. Your hours are not consumed and your mind is taking minimum stress of work.

    The Middle Level:

    Somewhere between the top and low level of success, exists a middle level, that gives you a few perks of Top Level Success but has a lot of basis in Low-Level Success.

    Bottom line:

    Middle-Level Success is usually better than Top-Level Success.

    Mainly due to the following reasons:

    • security
    • privacy
    • criticism
    • family life

    Greed, Anger, Jealousy, Revenge, and Pride… these are some of the reasons why we have crimes in the world.

    And on top of that, if it combines with the desire to control, revenge, and get more powerful, crimes get even more violent and can lead to murders, assaults, and rapes.

    Although successful people can save themselves from all this mess, they always need security, which is problematic, because they no longer can enjoy the basic freedom of a human being and are always in need of protection.


    Actors, Athletes, Politicians, and other celebrities are always victims of Paparazzi photographers.

    Their usual life routines get disturbed when these cameramen and photographers film and take pictures of them in every public place.

    They can’t mingle among ordinary people because everyone asks them for pictures and stuff, which most of the times is a very uncomfortable situation.


    In the world of social media and the global village, the easiest way to get popular is to criticize someone who is already famous.

    We human beings are imperfect beings and none of us is perfect.

    The problem for highly successful people is that they are always under the microscopes of many people usually from social media influencers and print media.

    The are the biggest victims of criticism

    Family life:

    Going out to parks and restaurants, taking your family to shop, going to a theatre or cinema, these are the kind of enjoyments that are very difficult for highly successful people to cherish with their loved ones.

    They have a hard time raising their children like children are usually raised and sometimes it is even harder to convince their children that problems can happen, money needs to be earned and life needs compromises and tradoffs.

    Now let’s put both success and health in the same court and see what we found.

    We saw that Health is the energy that empowers us to be happy, have good relationships and live long and on the other hand, success is something that makes us proud of ourselves.

    And there seems to be a correlation between the two.

    There is no health without success and there is no success without health.

    Look at the most successful people in life, they are full of charisma, confidence, knowledge, and good instincts but rarely you will see they are unhealthy.

    Health and success go hand in hand.

    A University of Georgia study has shown that people who exercise in routine are confident, focused, and better likely to follow through on promises and targets.

    Another study shows that students who eat healthily are more likely to perform better.

    How To Be Healthier and Therefore More Successful

    The best thing you can to do is stop procrastinating. Get off that couch and start doing. Doing is what success lies in. And you will only do things when you are both healthy and fit. Make health and fitness a lifestyle. Once you start doing things, your brain is so capable of picking up things that one after the other you will find solutions, provided that you keep a positive mindset.

    Get Rid of Bad Habits

    Bad habits like smoking, drinking and excessive procrastination impact your health in a negative way. They also impact your drive to succeed. One good solution is to replace the time of bad habits with something productive or don’t do anything at all, just take a walk or talk with someone at that time.


    Know where you stand currently in terms of health and success. What are your life goals and where you stand financially? If you are not fit then start exercising regularly.

    Start with a beginner workout routine.

    Keep a positive mindset and give your best in your work or studies.

    Eat healthily and avoid a bad company which leads you to bad habits.

    Try to bring discipline in life and that discipline will help you in Health and Success in a long run.


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