Oral health is necessary to enjoy a quality life. It saves people from many mouth disorders plus diseases that happen because of food and drinks passing through an unhygienic mouth.

To keep the hygiene in check, you have 2 options, either go with the widely common tooth paste and tooth brush or buy a Miswak for brushing, which is a natural way to achieve oral hygiene.

We have covered the topic of benefits of Miswak in a separate article. Here we will discuss what a Miswak actually is and how is it better than tooth brushing?

What is a Miswak?

Miswak or chewing stick is a natural toothbrush made from the branches of Salvadora persica., people use it as an oral hygiene tool mostly in the Middle Eastern and several African countries. But it is used for brushing in every part of the world.

Which tree is miswak made from?

The miswak or siwak (Arabic: سواك‎) is traditionally made from the twigs, roots and branches of any of various local trees such as the Salvadora persica (the best known), Ficus species, Acacia species, Ailanthus species and Psidium guajava; or even from those of some varieties of bamboo.

It’s a natural brushing solution adopted since very ancient times and has many health benefits especially in oral hygiene.

How can you use Miswak for Brushing?

Using a Miswaq for brushing is simple:

  • put the newly bought Miswaq in water for a few hours
  • remove the outer bark of Miswak to a few inches with a knife
  • gently chew the exposed part for around 30 seconds

Your Miswak is now ready for brushing. It might feel awkward to use in the beginning but give yourself a few days, you will be totally comfortable brushing with it.

When it starts getting dry, cut the dried part and prepare the same Miswak again for brushing as you did it the 1st time. Putting the Miswak in water is recommended to be done only before 1st time preparing it for use.

Watch a video below to see how you can prepare a Miswak for brushing:

Is Miswak better than Tooth Brush and Tooth Paste?

Several studies have revealed that Miswak leaves a favorable effect on tooth and mouth health. The periodontal results among Sudanese Miswak users were better than normal toothbrush users. When in use, not only does the Miswak remove plaque immediately, but it also has positive germicidal activities that fortify from cariogenic and periodontopathic bacteria.

Also, Miswak contains silica, a natural compound that helps in teeth whitening. Toothpastes that are good for teeth whitening have silica in them extracted from Miswak.

Benefits of Miswak vs Tooth Paste:

MiswakTooth Paste
fights plague and gum diseaseshelps in removing plaque
prevents existing teeth decay from getting worseremoves bacterial buildup on teeth
contains minerals like chloride, sodium bicarbonate and potassiumfights off periodontal (gum) disease
contains natural silica that whitens teethcontains fluoride which bolsters tooth enamel
strengthen the enamel in teethand fight against tooth decay


A natural solution is always free of side effects. Never will you feel acidity in stomach or mouth dryness on waking up after using a Miswak before sleep.

Toothbrush on the other hand is effective but the chemicals in it have the side effects. Plus, it is seen that not all toothpastes are effective in a similar way.

They all differ from each other in many ways like the amount of floride, effectiveness in tooth whitening and smell.

Miswak, on the other hand, are all similar in the benefits they provide and the smell they have. The price difference among different types of Miswak is only because of the ease of use and longevity in some of them.

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