Can’t it just get normal telling people that you don’t drink anything that has alcohol in it? without:

  1. refusing it multiple times, or
  2. giving a good reason?

Some people just don’t drink. Accept it and move along.

But it really can get awkward sometimes. The ones who drink it, and offer others to drink think that it’s some kind of a betrayal or disrespect to get refused.

To avoid any such situation, in this post we are going to share 8 ways you can say no to an alcoholic drink without getting asked multiple times or giving an explanation to them:

1. Tell them you are on a Medication

That’s the best way of saying no to an alcoholic drink. Tell them you are on a medication and drinking can make your health adverse. When it comes to health and life, even the worst pushers will stop pushing you towards drinking an alcoholic beverage.

2. Pregnancy

For women, it’s very uncomfortable getting asked are you pregnant? when they say no to an alcoholic drink.

  1. She might be but not ready to disclose
  2. She might not be and be upset about that
  3. It’s just no one else’s business

Unfortunately, that’s one of the options to say “no” to an alcoholic drink. 🙁

3. Tell them I’m Alcoholic

By saying this, they will immediately understand that this is the worst drink for you. And once you took an offing, it will be the worst thing to handle for you and for them.

This reason will work in many functions, but don’t try it on family and friends, they will know you are making an untrue statement with intent to deceive.

4. It’s none of your Business

Some people really don’t care about your choices. They will keep insisting, and make you feel bad about your choices.

In such a situation, it’s important to stop the defensive stance and tell them in clear words that it’s non of your business, why is it so important for you that I drink?

It will surely work. If it still don’t, leave the place.

5. You don’t drink anything Nasty

Tell them you don’t like the horrible taste of alcoholic beverages. It’s nasty and you don’t drink or eat what tastes nasty.

6. No Pear Pressure Accepted

Tell them they are way too OLD to be trying to peer pressure you into drinking. LEAN into it and ask them to explain why they need you to drink. Then look them in their eyes and wait for an actual response.

7. Change Friends

Just say no. If that’s not good enough for them, just move on. Who wants to hang around with a bunch of insistent drunks anyway?

8. Make up a story

If you’ve got a stamina of making up and telling long stories, go for it. Make up a very emotional story. If someone presses you on drinking give them an entire story of your grandmother’s alcoholism and how it killed her. Definitely a favorite at parties and other gatherings 🙂

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