In any form of workout, Intensity is the basic requirement for weight loss.  Now the practice of yoga for weight loss is a lesser-known subject. And experts usually suggest vigorous aerobic exercises and HIIT’s like Tabata training to increase your heart rate and lose weight.

However, many experts like Adriene believe that the constructive impact of yoga can actually help you in weight loss. Check out her weight loss Yoga session in the video below:

Besides building a swift flexible body and improving metabolism, it is observed that practising intense yoga is good for weight loss. A study found that restorative yoga is impactful in helping overweight women to lose weight, including abdominal fat.

Without any doubt, yoga empowers the connection of the body with mind and soul. In our daily monotonous routine, we ignore the importance of healthy eating, and it causes excessive weight gain. This whole scenario leads to an obese and sluggish lifestyle. Here, yoga plays a crucial role in mindfulness to choose a healthy lifestyle.

How do you Calculate Calories Burned during Yoga?

Calories burned per yoga session is a ratio that differs from person to person. You can’t calculate that number easily but a rough estimate says that the number of calories burned/yoga session is between 180 to 460 calories.

There is difference in the number of calories burned because people are different. And factors like yoga style, yoga intensity, duration of the session, and gender will play an important part in the number of calorie burns per session. Your body metabolism is also an important factor in deciding how many calories you can burn per a single yoga session.

The table below is demonstrating how much “Power Yoga” and “Calories burned” has an association if we take an example of a 150-lb. female. Neglecting the other variable factors…

Some other forms of gentle and hot yoga are also in the table for comparison.

Estimated Calories burned per 30 Minutes sessionEstimated Calories burned per 45 Minutes session
Power Yoga or Vinyasa Flow297 cal.445 cal.
Hatha (Gentle) Yoga94 cal.142 cal.
Hot Hatha or Bikram238 cal.358 cal.
Hot Power Yoga310 cal.465 cal.

Most Intense Yoga that leads to Weight Loss

Different yoga styles like Power Yoga or Ashtanga offer an active and intense physical activity that help to burn calories and shed pounds.

Astanga especially is known as the most intense yoga because it has dynamism and intensity that involves a continuous flow of movement. Making it a desired activity for top-level athletes looking to adjust their body weight.

Astanga is also known as power yoga because it ignites heat in the body that kills the toxins and shed those pounds.

How much time does it take to lose weight by Yoga?

Consistency and commitment are the keys to losing weight in any form of Exercise.

If you are a beginner and you do not have an active lifestyle, then start with simple poses of yoga. You can try the Warrior pose, Boat pose, Sun salutations, and Cobra pose. They will help you get strengthened for more intense yoga practices.

Once you have built enough stamina, you can move on and practice the physically more intense yoga practices approximately five times a week for about one hour.

Try to integrate yoga with some other physical activities like walking, running and cycling to witness fascinating results.

Yoga creates a positive impact that can help in leading a healthy lifestyle. The intense and high-demanding styles of yoga assist dramatically in weight loss and other health benefits.

Some vigorous yoga styles include Power Yoga, Ashtanga, and Hot Yoga that tone up your body and shed extra pounds.

As far as time is concerned, just be consistent and go with the flow. Almost every next day you will be lighter than yesterday 🙂

Some Examples of Intense Yoga for Weight Loss

Power Yoga, Astanga and Hot Yoga are the 3 most famous examples of Intense Yoga for weight loss. They are explained with video tutorials below:

Power Yoga – (The most basic Asana for Weight Loss)

Power Yoga is an efficient complete body training that tones and strengthens the body by your body weight. Power Yoga primarily focuses on movement from one pose to another posture, hence, increasing strength, flexibility, and stamina. It is a more aerobic and dynamic form of yoga and improves cardio health.

However, it requires concentration on breathing and body movement to enhance mental focus and posture. The high intensity of Power Yoga helps to balance metabolism, burn calories and lose weight.

Ashtanga – (Advance & Intense Yoga for Weight Loss)

Not recommended for beginners at all. Factually speaking, it takes on average 90 minutes to complete the Full Primary Series Ashtanga. But the benefits are amazing if you reach that level of being capable to do the 90 minutes session.

Talking about a few benefits, Ashtanga harmonizes series of postures with the breath, causing the production of extreme body heat and sweat. Thus, helping in the detoxification process of the body.

The pattern of inhalations and exhalations, with the sequential movement of limbs in Ashtanga, helps in reducing stress.

As a result, you can stick to your healthy routine without mental instability.

The vigorous physical movements in Ashtanga involve muscle-building exercises and strength training that assist you in losing weight successfully.

For motivation and to get to the level of Ashtanga, beginners should join a yoga class to achieve a dream body.

Hot Yoga – (Among easier Asanas for Weight Loss)

Hot yoga comprises various yoga poses performed in a heated room.

Usually, the temperature of the room lies between 80.6°F to 100.4°F.

Hot yoga involves music to keep you motivated in a hot environment as it is often challenging to perform an activity in a hot surrounding.

The main benefit of hot yoga includes the increase in heart rate that causes an increase in calorie burn rate that ultimately assists in weight loss.

Moreover, hot yoga improves flexibility and circulation in the body due to a heated environment. It also helps in the better functioning of muscles for efficient working of the body.

Can Bikram Yoga help you lose Weight?

Bikram Yoga is a kind of Yoga specialized in practicing in a heated room because it allows the body to sweat more which is believed to be a necessary step in weight loss.

The increasing number of people who have turned to Bikram for their weight loss efforts could be because they can see that there are visible results with just a few sessions. The practice also includes healthy food and water intake so that you don’t overeat. So if you want to lose weight with Yoga, this would be your best option.

For weight loss, it is necessary to burn more calories than the amount consumed in food. Yoga streamlines this goal and assists in improving flexibility, energy, and the functioning of the body. It also helps in sticking to a diet by keeping you motivated and disciplined.

As a result, combining yoga with a healthy diet will give you fascinating results in the weight loss journey.

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