Everyone wants to fit into stylish clothes, have a beautiful ripped body and feel good about the way they look. But the unhealthy lifestyle, junk food and inactivity due to desk oriented jobs are somehow halting people to become the ideal self.

These things are not only compromising the physical appearance but also making people lazy, irritating and not interested to do activities that are actually interesting.

Everyday tasks are getting difficult and the idea of working out seems impossible because all you can imagine from a workout is heavy breathing and tiredness in muscles.

But it is indeed a truth that things need to change. You want to change and that is why you are here to explore yoga.

Believe me, yoga can be your savior if you have already tried and failed in other forms of workout. Not only is Yoga good in replacing them but also it can help you get flexible and achieve targeted goals like reducing belly fat.

In this blog, we are featuring 6 Yoga asanas (poses) that are specifically good for belly fat reduction.

1. Half Boat Pose

Putting your entire weight on your thighs and applying pressure on your abdomen, the Half Boat pose can do wonders in targeting the belly. This pose strengthens your abdominal muscles and also helps to improve digestion. It is one of the best poses to get abs and tone your entire body. Strengthening your abdomen, thighs, and back helps to reduce belly fat and achieve a flat stomach.

To learn how to do the half boat pose and to know the benefits and precautions check out this video (don’t skip it, this is a very important video to watch ):

2. Shoulder Stand Pose

It is like the mitochondria (powerhouse) of yoga to shed pounds and reduce belly fat. Putting your whole weight on your shoulders and lifting your body inverted in the air strengthens your body from head to toe. Holding your body up in the space for extended periods regularly effectively reduces belly fat, improves digestion, and stimulates metabolism.

The shoulder stand pose has many variations and there is no one better than yoga expert Adriene to explain them better. Check out the shoulder stand pose guide of Adriene in the video below:

3. Plank

Holding a plank for several seconds can constructively burn calories by engaging several muscles. If you want to reduce your belly fat, then make a routine of doing a plank. For beginners, it is advisable to start from 10 secs and gradually increase holding time up to 1 min. As you begin to master plank, try to add variations like forearm plank, single-leg plank, dolphin plank in your routine to observe mind-blowing change.

The video below will show you all the types of plank:

4. Revolved Chair Pose:

This imitation of a chair-like pose flattens your belly and also strengthens your upper and lower back. It stimulates the abdominal muscles, and stretching during revolving generates heat that helps to burn belly fat.  To emulate a chair is a little bit difficult, but daily practise can make you proficient.  In the beginning, you can sit on a chair to grasp the details of this pose. Latter, you will be able to practice this pose without a chair.

Video tutorial of revolved chair pose:

5. Bow Pose

At first, this pose is a little bit difficult to practice. However, it gives incredible strength to the muscles of the stomach, arms, and shoulders. The stretching of abdominal muscles nourishes and flattens them and also aid in healing stomach pain and constipation. Doing this pose frequently reduces obesity and also adds flexibility to the spine.

6. Camel Pose

For the reduction of belly fat, the stretching of abdominal muscles is necessary. Every pose that adds flexibility to abdominal muscles can do wonders in the journey of achieving a flat tummy. Camel pose does the same by opening your chest, straightening your abdominal muscles, and strengthening your abdominal organs. Regular practice helps to burn belly fat drastically.

All these styles of yoga can help reduce belly fat, but without a healthy lifestyle, you cannot achieve this milestone. If you want to get significant results, take the help of a fitness app like the 8fitfitness App. They won’t put you on a diet but will balance your calorie intakes with the amount of required workout on the body.

A good enough diet plan and yoga routine if followed religiously can achieve your belly fat reduction goal or any fitness goal.

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