Yoga is like a miracle to heal the body from a sedentary lifestyle. There is something for everyone in this form of workout. Whether you are a beginner, an over-weight or someone just trying to reduce belly fat, Yoga can be the solution for all your problems. And not only that but also if you are going through some physical pain like back pain, Yoga can act as a healer for your back pain.

Yoga Asanas like Cat-Cow pose, Sphinx pose, the standing forward bend and happy baby pose are known for healing back pain. The cat-Cow pose is specifically good for the back spine, abdominal muscles and besides relieving back pain it is also known as a good practice for improving your posture.

Consider the following Yoga asanas to relieve back pain.

#1 Cat-Cow Pose

This mixture of cat and cow poses helps to stretch the body including, the torso, neck to add strength and flexibility to the spine area. It also strengthens the abdominal muscles and nitrifies several organs. Regular practise of this pose prevents and reduces back pain and helps align the spine and posture to maintain balance in the body.

Check out the Cat-Cow Pose in action in the video below:

#2 Standing Forward Bend Pose

This Head-to-Knees standing pose gives a much-needed stretch to your back, thighs, legs and strengthens them. You need to stand and then bend yourself forward by placing your hands on the floor or behind ankles and bend your knees to relieve tension in the lower back. Be careful if you have any severe back injuries to avoid any critical condition. It also helps in improving the health of your nervous system, liver, and kidneys.

#3 Happy Baby Pose

It is a pacifying pose that is a part of yoga and Pilates to give a calming effect. In this pose, you lay down on your back on the floor or preferably on a yoga mat and roll your body from one side to another side, just like imitating a happy baby. Keep in mind to keep your shoulders and neck flat to avoid any injury. This pose not only reduces back pain but also strengthens your spine.

#4 Seated Forward Bend Pose

This pose stretches your entire back as well as nourishes your internal organs. Stretching the back from calves to hips relieves backache and also helps to straighten your spine to give you a relaxed feeling. It is also the best pose for meditation and to minimizes stress and anxiety. Just sit on the floor, straighten your legs and try to bend your body forward to witness fascinating results.

#5 Sphinx Pose

For reducing back pain, strengthening the spine is essential. Sitting for a long time, we often compromise on balance and the appropriate shape of our back. It leads to misalignment of the lower back and tiredness. Sphinx pose helps to fortify your back and regain the correct curve of your lower back. It also adds moveability to your body to avoid discomfort. While practising sphinx pose, your spine feels a warming effect that gives refreshment and relaxation to your muscles and body and relieves back pain.

By practising these poses constantly, you will feel better back health because they guarantee relief from back pain. Just try to improve your sitting posture and sit straight, not bend your shoulders or back. Because bad sitting posture only worsens the situation. If you are sitting continuously for several hours, try to take a break of 5 mins and stretch your body to give a little bit of movement and relaxation to your body.

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