It is always better to have some kind of action plan before getting into a workout routine. A day to day course of action that not only will keep your head straight on the final goal but also a sense of direction that will keep you on track from start to finish.

As a result, you will save a lot of time and achieve your fitness goals in the right manner.

For beginners, it will be a little more challenging but worth taking a shot at. Make up your mind. And see where destiny takes you.

In this guide, we are going to discuss some of the common issues that beginners face when they are starting a fitness routine. Things like what to do and what not to do as a beginner? how to stay focused and motivated? and how to scale your progress?

Each one of these issues will be answered individually with relevant references and video content from industry experts.

So first thing first!

You need a Consistent Workout Routine

Consistency is the key to achieving any goal in life. You are capable of doing 99% of the things that any other human can. All you have to do is make a plan and stick to it. Start slow but at least start from somewhere.

Look at it this way, a 1% improvement every day will mean a 100% improvement in the next 100 days.

You don’t need to rush things right from the start. Your body is not yet used to it. Start slow and pace up when you feel your body is giving you more space to exert pressure.

If you start putting pressure from early on, you can get injured, which will again take you back from where you started.

If your goal is to build strength, this is what you can achieve in 12 weeks:

  • An Increased muscle-fibre size
  • Muscle contractile strength
  • Better tendon strength
  • Increased ligament strength

Workout Routine for Beginners in Gym

Before getting into a workout routine for beginners at the gym, 1st check out the list of  things not to do in a gym:

18 Things Not to Do in a Gym:

  1. Lifting weights without instructions
  2. bad gym etiquettes
  3. wasting time on the phone between sets
  4. lifting without checking weights
  5. talking to a person who is exercising heavy
  6. borrowing equipment without asking
  7. giving advice without knowledge
  8. using equipment without cleaning it first
  9. walking close to a person exercising
  10. going to the gym only to hit on girls/guys
  11. showering without flip flops
  12. using equipment for too long
  13. eating during workout
  14. lifting heavy without a spotter
  15. copying others
  16. not nailing your form
  17. losing calm and losing focus as a result
  18. using only machines

Check out this video for more on what not to do in a gym:


Weight Training Tips for Beginners in Gym

If your goal is to build strength, you need a weight training program. Whatever the equipment you are using practice the following tips:

  1. Start with a warm-up
  2. Use lighter weights initially
  3. Increase those weights when you get comfortable with previous ones
  4. Take a 60 seconds rest between sets
  5. Workout no longer than 45 minutes
  6. Stretch after workout
  7. Rest for a day or two between workouts

What is a Good Workout Routine for a Beginner to Build Strength?

To build strength you need a program of weight lifting or resistance training. 1st thing 1st don’t choose just any weight lifting program that you can find on the internet.

Most of these programs are for bodybuilders and for them it is easier to go a full hour of chest training. If you try doing it, you can get injured or extremely fatigued within 15 minutes.

The best thing to do is to split up a weekly training regime into:

  • upper body day
  • lower body day
  • full body workout

Do the basic pushing pulling compound lifts, don’t go for complexities. Let the body get trained for a week or two and then push for further.

Check out this beginner’s guide to weight training by British weight trainer Mike Thurston:

Sample Weight Training Program for Beginners

There is more than one way of achieving your strength fitness goals as a beginner in the gym. Take a look at some of these weekly exercise ideas:

All of them can work well for you. Look at your schedule and see which one can fit in your daily routine. But remember no more than 45 minutes of workout and quick sets.

Workout Routine for Beginners at Home

At home, a workout is even more challenging than at the gym. To build strength you will need fitness equipment at home to replicate the gym workout.

You can follow one of the same weekly workout plans recommended for the gym workout above. Basically, you have to replicate at home what you were supposed to do in a gym. From warm-up to the last exercise everything is the same only place is different.

You can even design your own training program based on your likings, available time and 100 other factors. Check out Joanna Soh’s guidelines for a beginner’s workout program on this subject:

How to Stay Motivated to Workout as a Beginner?

Goals are achievable only when there is motivation from start to end. Take help from some of these tips to stay motivated for your workouts long-term. You will need a dose of motivation from time to time.

In Zig Ziglar’s words:

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing, that’s why we recommend it daily.”

Your health and fitness are very important. Do whatever it takes to keep you motivated for workouts.

How to Scale your Progress from Workouts as a Beginner?

The shortest answer is, you won’t need to scale it. You will feel it. You will feel your body lighter and much stronger. Your heart will develop a will to do more and you will start hating procrastination or sitting for no reason. And that is enough to scale your progress.

If by progress you mean gaining muscle or losing weight, then start taking pictures of yourself at the end of every workout day. I’m sure you will see the difference sooner or later 🙂

That’s all in workout routines for beginners.

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