Yoga falls under all four categories of workout i.e. Strength, Endurance, Flexibility and Balance. It’s a centuries-old practice that traditionally focused more on spirituality in ancient India but with the advent of time work is been done and now modern yoga is a mix of spirituality and physical exercises that covers all categories of workouts.

That means Yoga now is a deeper ocean of knowledge and practice that has all flavors of exercising and is covering all four categories of workouts.

How is Yoga an Endurance Exercise?

In some yoga practices like Vinyasa, the intensity of the workout goes up with each passing round. Heavy breathing is involved and the heart rate keeps getting up. These are all the key factors that make an exercise endurance exercise.

The output of endurance exercise is better stamina that is built as a result of enduring more and more pressure.

Athletes can make yoga a part of their workout and improve all four aspects of the workout.

Heart patients, on the other hand, should avoid any such activity and stay limited to low-intensity workouts.

A session of Vinyasa, endurance exercise is in action below:

What kind of Strength training is involved in Yoga?

Yoga has many postures that easily fall into the category of strength training. They are the asanas in which yogi workouts while supporting body weight. As a result, strength is built both in bones and muscles.

The best example of strength training through yoga is power yoga. It is one of the most athletic forms of yoga that focuses on building upper body strength plus makes you more flexible and balanced.

Check out a session of power yoga in the video below:

What category of yoga helps with flexibility?

Vinyasa yoga and Vin style yoga are known for building flexibility. They stretch your major muscles and as a result, the body flexibility is boosted.

One of the core benefits you can gain from yoga is flexibility. It comes before anything else in yoga.

You can watch a session of Vinyasa yoga in the video below:

What Yoga is good for Balance?

Tightrope walk, forward lunge walk, tree pose, eagle pose, there is a ton of yoga exercises good for improving body balance. Check out the top 10 here.

Or you can watch 8 balancing yoga poses in the video below:

That’s all in categories of workouts that yoga supports. If you are looking for targeted weight loss like yoga for reducing belly fat or yoga asanas that are specifically good for beginners, check out the links below.

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