Unlike machines, the human body craves for fuel in many different forms. Because food is the fuel that our whole body runs on. And many times, food even impacts the mood in the next few minutes and hours.

Therefore, it is necessary to take care of what you are feeding to your body.

For example, when you are thirsty you don’t want a chicken roast. Water is the most important beverage there and it’s the only drink that can optimally satisfy your need at the moment.

There is a right time for everything so in this post we will specifically advice about post workout dinner. The kind of nutrients you need and some sample meal ideas for it.

You can also check out this section of post workout meals that is not limited only to a dinner.

Nutrients that are good for body post workout:

There are 2 basic nutrients that the body needs the most after exercising. And they are Proteins and Carbs. To make things even more clear, it is better to eat the kind of meals that digest easily and quickly post-workout because, in that time, the body is in need of quick energy.

It needs external assistance that is both quick and healthy. And also helpful in post workout recovery. Therefore, it is necessary to go for healthy and quickly digestive carbs and proteins.

Meal ideas for post workout dinner:

Generally, heavy meals are recommended for the morning. Because you will need the energy from food to go through the whole day of work and stuff.

On the other hand, for a sound mind and body link up, it is better to imagine 3 chambers in your body. Fill 1 with food, 2nd with water and leave the 3rd for air.

I’m not a medical expert but this is what we learned from our ancestors and probably that’s one of the reasons why they lived longer and disease free in their life.

Because they never lived for food and rather ate food to live.

Those imaginary stomach chambers shrink and expend based on the kind of activity we have in a day to day life.

If you are working out in the afternoon, or any time within a few hours before dinner, it is common sense that your body will need more food to have a good night’s sleep and assistance in recovery.

In that case, you need a heavy meal but with a few modifications.

Eat something that digests easily so that the next day you can wake up fully recovered from workout and with good vibes.

Sample Meal Ideas for Dinner Post Workout:

Don’t forget to take the medically recommended 100 steps after eating your dinner even if you have already worked out heavily before dinner. Listed below are some of the good ideas for a post-workout dinner.

1. Steak And Spinach Mashed Potatoes

2. Turkey Bolognese And Veggies

3. Pulled BBQ Chicken

4. Quinoa Bowl

5. Grilled Salmon With Loaded Baked Potato

6. Stir-Fried Beef With Chinese Broccoli

7. Tuna Salad Sandwich

8. Grilled chicken with roasted vegetables

9. Egg omelet with avocado spread on toast

10. Salmon and sweet potato

11. Tuna salad sandwich with whole-grain bread

12. Pita with hummus

13. Grain bread and raw peanuts

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