Yoga is a quest to experience the divine mind through physical and mental exercises. It has been around for centuries and was initially a practice of building strength and improving mental wellbeing. But with the advent of time and involvement of science and research and mix up with other mods of exercising, modern yoga now is a mode of exercise that qualifies for all four categories of workout. There are more than 100 postures called asanas in yoga, each giving a range of benefits from balancing to flexibility and from targeted weight loss to muscle gains.

The video below will better Illustrate what Yoga is:

Yoga has the flavours of every other mode of exercise plus its own uniqueness of meditation and breathing exercises to build endurance that you won’t find in any other type of workout.

What category does yoga fall under?

There are basically four categories of workout:

  • endurance
  • strength
  • flexibility
  • and balance

Since Yoga has more than 100 poses, each having at least 1 diverse benefit in it. Overall, Yoga covers all four categories of workouts. Find out some of the yoga poses in each category here.

Is Yoga an Endurance Exercise?

The Vinyasa flow variation of Yoga falls in the category of Endurance Exercises. It has a lot of breathing exercises involved and with each round the intensity of exercising goes up meaning the heart rate will go up and you have to utilize the inhaled oxygen to its maximum effect.

Check out a session of Vinyasa in the video below:

Is Yoga isometric or isotonic Exercise?

Some yoga poses are isometric while others are isotonic exercises. The ones that involve contracting the muscles while moving the joints are isotonic while the ones that involve contracting the muscles but keeping the joints still are isometric exercises.

Check out some Isometric yoga poses in the video below:

Is Yoga a Cardio?

Yes, poses like the vinyasa yoga puts yoga into the category of cardio. It’s a mid to high-intensity workout that if practised for 45 minutes or more minutes will require a free flow of oxygen. And this is what usually happens in Aerobic or cardio exercising.

See a session of Vinyasa Yoga in a video below:


It is important to take care of your physical and mental wellbeing. If you have tried other forms of exercising like Cardio and HIIT and they didn’t go well with your personality, do try yoga.

There is something for everyone in Yoga. There are asanas for beginners that you can start very easily and with time move on to the more advanced poses of Yoga workout.

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