This guide is for everyone curious to know what enhances a child’s brain performance. Things like how to sharpen a kid’s brain? What are the brain exercises for kids? How can I improve my child’s brain activity? What food is good for them… and many other things like that.

But before explaining them all, there are a few things that you need to know as a parent.

Every child is special in their own way. They are all gifted with something that is rare and unique.

Show them all the love in the world and own all the good and bad of them. No one is perfect and no one ever will be.

Interact with your kids as if they are your friends and avoid over-parenting.

This approach will help them share their problems with you in the future.

Although, your children will grow at their own pace and learn things in a natural way. But there is a lot you can do to make the learning environment best possible.

For starter, you can focus on improving their brain activity.

How can I improve my child’s brain activity?

Three things can improve your child’s brain activity: PLAY, COMFORT and READ.

brain exercises for kids


Playing is the best way for children to learn and grow. They are curious about anything and everything. And when you give them activities like puzzles or a toy to play with. The kind of imagination a kid has, playing with toys and things will take them into a totally different world. A grownup can not envision what is going throught their minds.

Make your children the playful kids so that they won’t be self-consumed grown-ups tomorrow.

The thing is we are only spread in the world, what we are from inside. Make your child’s inside special by giving them exposure to playing games and stuff.

Playing is a form of exercising that kids are most fond of. And they will not adore any other form of Exercise. Read more on why does exercise make you happy? here.


This is an unpopular fact, but kids and babies also feel stress. When they feel uncomfortable, make sure to let them know that you are there for them. Console them, hug them and make sure that they are receiving comfort from you in a consistent manner. Become best friends with your kids, let them know that you’ll always be there for them.


Imagine your child’s brain as a vessel that can be ignited with knowledge. It doesn’t mean you start teaching them algebra, but something that a child will enjoy listening to.

Teach them what is teachable at their level. Like teaching them animal names by showing them the pictures.

Also, if possible, try to teach them more than one language. It is medically proven that Bilingualism can slow down the Onset of Dementia & Alzheimer’s at a later age.

How can I sharpen my kid’s brain?

Every child is born with certain gifts, and for truly standing out, a child needs to develop certain skills and abilities early on. Talent and hard work always go hand in hand for success.

Below are some of the ways you can help your kid sharpen their brain:

1. Make their learning Exciting

brain exercises for kids

Stress should never find a way into a child’s learning process. And usually, it happens when kids are pressurized to focus on grades. Their focus on studies gets distracted, which is a very bad thing to happen.

This is not what schools are for, a child’s brain is not a pressure cooker that can take all the pressure and start producing results.

School is rather a place where kids learn socializing and learning from their environment.

It’s a place of interacting with their own small world. Become playful. Laugh, cry, make friendships and get an abundance of lessons from their teachers.

Now if the sole purpose of going there becomes grades, kids will feel pressured and tunnel-visioned towards only one thing, they will not learn anything significant and useful.

They will grow up to be self-consumed and not very attractive humans.

Consequently, they will spread this negativity in the world. Because this is the only thing they have learnt in school. Being selfish and focused only on the grades.

So there must be some sort of balance in life. Average grades with great social skills are far better than a stressed mind, that is selfish and only focused on self.

2. Play Memory Games

A school going kid is full of energy. These kids stop only when they are told to stop or when they are feeling tired or sleepy. And to make the best use of that energy, try to indulge them in activities that can be both fun to them and also grow their brain. Like you can try teaching them chess.

Chess is one of the best brain exercises for kids. And if you don’t know the game, there are many apps to teach them nowadays. You can also buy a chess set for them. Maybe a physical connection to the game will be more interesting to them than learning and playing through the apps.

3. Talk Books

Many parents have this complaint from their kids that they don’t listen. The problem is, kids, don’t know what diplomacy is. They just show what is not interesting to them and they do it straight away.

Now there could be many reasons why a kid is not listening to their parents but if that’s the reason. You need to up your game. Talk to them wisdom and books and stuff and show it to them in your actions.

They are more focused on you than your words. If your actions are good, there surely are energies that don’t require words for kids to accept what you want to convey.

Communicate with them through energies. Read books to gain a greater perspective and thinking ability towards life and try to encourage your kids to adopt the same habits.

4. Work on their Visualization

Present them with a scenario and ask them what they will do if that certain event happens. Like, ask them what will you do if your younger brother is hungry and your parents are not at home.

This will not only minimize the fear of facing a new situation but also encourage them to ask you more questions. Try to create a friendly environment for these questions and utmost concentration because once they start asking questions, they will ask a lot.

5. Talk about Memories

Stories from the past are very interesting. Even if they are of someone else.

Tell your kids who you are, where you grew up and what were the challenges of life back then.

The more you get open in front of them, the more they will appreciate and be proud of you. Now it is very easy to explain the hardships of life and the kind of champion you are to get over them, but it will be much better if you explain it to them in a way that they learn from your experiences.

Part of parenthood is to be a great mentor, and show your kids what the right path in certain situations is.

6. Help them Connect the Dots

Often, it is difficult to teach a child, a certain skill or topic. Like many kids struggle with cooking and driving. Tell them that it’s okay to be a slow learner but see kid, if you don’t learn this skill, it can have this and this consequences.

Connect the dots for them. Don’t degrade them but be a little harsh if they are taking those things in a fun way and cracking jokes on serious things.

Part of courage is to be consistently growing. At the point where growth stops, things start heading south. Your kids have a brain that needs to be filled with a lot of good things so that the bad ones won’t attract them.

7. Play Card Games

Card games are not only fun but also good for brain sharpness. Teach your kids different card games, it will help them practice memory, which is key to brain sharpness. Card games are the least expensive you can invest in for your kids, you can buy a deck or peck of it here.

Which food is good for children’s brain?

There are 7 basic foods that are good for your child’s brain health:

  • Eggs
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Greens
  • Fish
  • Nuts and Seeds
  • Oatmeal
  • Apples and Plums

Eating the right food is very important for a child’s brain growth and cognitive abilities. The seven foods mentioned above are absolutely necessary for a kid’s growth, let’s analyse them one by one.


Eggs provide all nine essential amino acids that the body can’t produce itself.  The most important amino acid for kids among them is leucines, which is good for their muscle health and strength.

Greek Yogurt

Yoghurt is healthy food for all ages. For kids who are old enough to start eating solid food, yoghurt can be added to their diet. But if you notice your kid is showing signs of lactose intolerance or some allergic reaction from eating yoghurt, contact your paediatrician.

Also, fats are important for brain health, and greek yoghurt is something rich in it and has more protein than any other yoghurt. It can keep their brain cells in good form for information exchange.


This is something you have to be creative with, kids don’t like eating vegetables. Talking from personal experience, my mother used to serve me every vegetable that I didn’t eat, in a sandwich mixed with everything else. And the trick always worked.

The thing is, many green vegetables are full of folate and vitamins. Vegetables like spinach and kale are considered best to avoid the chances of dementia later in life.

Trick them in any way possible to eat vegetables.


There are many health benefits of eating fish irrespective of your age. But for kids, the omega-3s and Vitamin D in fish is a great source of protecting the brain from memory loss and other mental skills.

Nuts and Seeds

They are a good source of protein, much needed fatty acids, vitamins, & minerals. Nuts & seeds can also boost a kid’s mood and keep their nervous system in check.


Proteins plus fibre-rich oatmeal can help keep your child’s heart & brain arteries clean.

A better breakfast or at least not skipping breakfast can boost a child’s brainpower.

A study revealed that kids who consumed sweetened oatmeal did better in memory-related school tasks than those who ate sugary cereal.

Apples and Plums

Kids are very expressive in their emotions and usually, they are very fond of eating sweets and stuff. Especially when they are in a sluggish mood.

In that case, Apples and plums are lunchbox-friendly meals for them. These fruits are full of quercetin, an antioxidant that can fight declining mental skills.

How can I make my child smart and intelligent?

There is no rocket science in this. Take care of the following if you want your child to be smart and intelligent.

  • Snooze Time
  • Nutrition
  • Real-life Experience
  • Work Ethic
  • Read
  • Stable Environment
  • Brain Exercise
  • Physical Activity
  • Music
  • Video Gaming

Some of the things in this list are optional and totally down to kid’s interest but for the most, make sure that your child is busy doing the right things. Put them on the track and than you can just keep an eye on them. Only a sense of direction is required for a child to do those right things.

If they somehow are going off the track, sit with them, guide them, tell them the good and bad of things. With logical explanation, they will naturally get directed towards the right things.

See what Dr. Bill Sears recommends on raising a smart and intelligent child.

How do you mentally stimulate a 5-year-old?

You have to make a 5 year old fall in love with healthy mental activities. The excitement and joy will only come if you make things interesting for a kid of that age. Read books and play games with them. Act like you are in tremendous pressure and the kid is outplaying you with his genious.

Let them interect with the environment.


Having a child is a blessing. They can be annoying and all but at the end of the day, they are the whole universe to their parents. Raising one well mannered child is enough for you to be remembered, not by the name necessirly but by the acts they will commit in future.

And for all the good they will bring to the world.

Focus on the brain exercises for kids. Train their mind in a way that will help them grow a mentally strong and well mannered person.

With the right nutrition and activities that support mental growth, you will surely get successful in raising a successful kid.




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