There are more than one signs you are doing the common exercises wrong and we have covered them here.

In this blog we will cover some more exercises that are not quite common but still they are in demand exercises and people are doing them wrong.

It is better to fix them before giving any amount of time to your workouts.

1. Triceps Dips

Triceps Dips won’t give you the shoulder injuries that many people fear if you do them the right way. Keep your torso and butt close to the bench or chair you are working out on. This way you won’t overextend your shoulders.

It’s okay to bend your knees a bit if you can’t do it with straight legs but don’t try to make things easier by moving further from the base. Go down bend in at the elbow and move back up contracting the triceps to make them work hard.

2. Rower

Both rowing in the water and on the rowing machine are great calorie burners affecting all the muscles in your body. The right technique is the key to success with this exercise.

When you row just with your arms you are exposing your upper body to too much pressure which can injure your back and shoulders. Try to split your effort in a proportion of 60% effort going from your legs and the remaining 40% from the core and arms.

This mental splitting of the pressure on your body parts should help you keeping engaged. Sit tall on the rower, avoid slouching, don’t go for speed over power. Make long and controlled rows.

Don’t forget syncing up your rhythm with your breath. It’s important for any rhythmic activity.

Exhale through the mouth as you go back and inhale through the nose as you reset.

3. Front and Lateral Shoulder Raises

The most common mistake with shoulder raises is believing the higher you go with the weights the more effective the exercise will be. It’s wrong and you risk straining your muscles if you do that.

Instead, lift the weights to the height of your shoulder keeping your arms slightly forward. This way you won’t contract the shoulders blade back. Your pinky finger should be a little higher than the others during the exercise. As for the feet, they should be at a shoulder-width with knees slightly bent.

4. Bicep curls, Dumbbell and Barbell

What’s the best way to get toned arms? Most people will say bicep curls.

However, they won’t do you much good if you curl your wrists upward while exercising, drop the weights too quickly or swing them up engaging your shoulders and back instead.

To give your biceps a proper workout imagine there is a string running from your shoulder to the weight you are lifting, that string should help you move the weight from your hands to your shoulders and your biceps will squeeze at the top of that movement.

It’s okay to either keep your wrists straight or somewhat loose. It’s just important that you don’t work and injure the wrist joint.

5. Cable Triceps Extensions

You can do it either with an easy bar attachment or a row but in any case make sure that you lock your elbows tight to your ribs. They shouldn’t be going back and forth with the weights.

Try not to stand too straight during this exercise either. Instead slightly bend forward to give your body a full range of motion and a full extension.

6. Chin ups and Pull ups

Perhaps the biggest surprise on the list is pull ups and chin ups. They are the exercises most people do wrong just because they believe there is no way to mess them up.

In fact, if you are swinging your body as you move up and down, don’t brace your core and legs and flop around you are indeed doing it wrong.

Your range of motion also matters. So you got to make sure that you go both low and high enough.

A good starting position is a dead hang with fully extended arms. You can keep them at a shoulder width for pulls ups and chin ups need a narrower grip.

You start with retracting the shoulder blades then you pull hard engaging your biceps, back muscles and elbows.

If you are doing chin ups, keep your chin over the bar and for pull ups just try to make it as high as you can.

To become a pro at it, you can practice on a lap machine. At first, when it’s too hard to handle, try jumping into a chin up or push up and holding the position for as long as you can manage, then going down slowly.


Were you doing any of these uncommon exercises wrong? Let us know in the comments. If you learned something new today, share this article on your socials. Wishing you a healthy happy life 🙂

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