Part of self-care is realizing what is good for your physical and mental health. We all eat food and many of us exercise to some extent– even if you are not realizing it… But if you start doing these things consciously and take control of your life, you can boost your brain to a greater extent.

A good brain booster is the one that first preserves the existing brain functioning. And on top of it, improves your memory and concentration with time.

To make your brain more powerful, let’s take a look at 10 evidence-based exercises and food habits that offer the best brain-boosting benefits.

1. Healthy Nutrition, Sound Health, And Sound Body

A sound mind has a sound body and they both go hand in hand to make your life better. One way to take care of your brain’s boosting power is to eat healthy food.

To polish your cognitive abilities: physical exercising, fresh air, and a healthy diet are the exceeding factors.

They contribute to the growth of your brain, helping it to function properly and intern lead to enhancing your intelligence by sharpening the mind.

By healthy diet and exercise, we mean drinking enough water, eating fresh and organic fruits after workout, eating healthy meat and vegetables and maintaining your BMI with walking, running, and routine workout.

Another very important factor that adds to your brain boost is sound sleep.

A good night’s sleep is helpful in strengthening your memory and other brain functions. Never skip your night’s sleep for something you can easily do in the morning. No matter how pumped you are to do it right now. There must be a very compelling reason to take care of work at night.

2. Meditate

Meditation is recommended to get rid of stress and anxiety. It is a relaxing brain booster activity to contemplate and reflect and to let go of all the perturbing thoughts. This activity is really helpful in accentuating your brain’s activity.

Meditation can contribute a lot to refining your memory and getting rid of all the clutter. It will make your brain work more smoothly so that you are calmer and poise to carry out other activities of the day.

Meditation is effective in giving flexibility to your mind.

It is reported that meditation enhances the brain’s focus, attention, and empathy.

3. Do Mind Math

Another mind-blowing exercise that can help lead to a brain booster is doing math in your mind.

All you have to do is avoid using a calculator, paper, and pen. Just think of some numbers, do some math in your head, and find the answers. You can sum numbers, do some multiplication at the beginning. You can grow your levels gradually to make it more puzzling.

Moreover, to make it even more interesting, start doing some athletic work like walking or playing basketball to accentuate your concentration. This exercise is effective in keeping your brain active and healthy. Doing mind math is also one of the good brain rehabilitation exercises for people recovering from brain injury.

4. Try New Sport & Exercise Mods

To boost your brain activities, learning a new sport can be effective. Look for the kind of sports that connect your mental and physical health like playing tennis i.e., lawn tennis and table tennis, badminton, and golf, etc.

Similarly, yoga is a mode of exercise that can help sharpen your mind as well as your body. It’s a workout mode that many haven’t explored yet, but holds a lot of benefits that you won’t find in any other form of Exercise like Cardio and HIITs.

To decide which mode of exercise suits you the best, you can check the comparison here.

Learning is something that will always boost your cognitive abilities. When playing games, set targets and take them to complex levels whenever you achieve the previous one. This will help you in concentration and focus, ultimately, your brain function will improve.

5. Play Mind Games

Mind games have always helped sharpen and boost mental activities. The options in mind games are vast. You can solve jigsaw puzzles, play card games, and much more. These games will stimulate your thinking and will improve your hand-eye coordination.

Card games like solitaire, bridge, poker, and hearts can improve and enhance your thinking process and concentration abilities. Playing puzzles and crossword games contributes a lot to short-term memory. These games activate the areas of the brain responsible for cognition and recognition. Similarly, they help in your perception and understanding, your memory, and reasoning.

Chess is another game perfect to stimulate your brain processes, from thinking to concentration to reasoning and decision making. It speeds up brain functions and also improves memory leading to a brain boost.

6. Keep Learning

Learning is a constant thing in life, and it will always add to your brain’s strength. With learning, there are endless options. You can learn:

  • A new language
  • Vocabulary
  • Music and instruments
  • A new skill like cooking, baking, crocheting, etc.
  • A new game etc.

Acquiring a new and foreign language always accelerates brain activity. Bilingualism and multilingualism are often linked to the areas of the brain working together to learn and remember the words.

Similarly, building new vocabulary involves both visual and auditory processing areas of the brain. Your attempt to learn any new word would activate these specific parts and help your brain function more actively.

Music and learning a new instrument also add to brain functioning by stretching your brain to add something new in the memory section. Learning music and instruments would also activate parts of the brain responsible for coordination.

Thus, through learning, you are not only adding and expanding your skills but also improving your brains’ processing abilities.

7. Practice Visualizing

Visualizing is another great exercise to strengthen brain functions. Start visualizing the places you are visiting to stimulate the areas of the brain associated with making memory and cognition. Try to create vivid images with details to imagine the place you are about to visit.

Creating pictures will help you remember things with more clarity. It will add to the creative imagination of the brain; play with the unseen and create wonders with it. Visualization is also reported to organize information and help in apt decision-making.

8. Engage All Your Senses

Number 8 on our list of the 10 best brain booster exercises is using all your five senses. To strengthen your brain, try incorporating all your five senses at a time.

You can test your taste buds to evaluate and identify different spices in a single recipe or, you can visit a restaurant to focus on smell, taste, touch, vision, and hearing at the same time.

9. Engage with People/ Socialize

Indulging in conversations and participating in different social activities would help in the improvement of the cognitive abilities of the brain. Playing sports would also help activate different parts of the brain and would be effective in maintaining coordination between every part.

Also, after having discussions, try to repeat and recall what people said earlier, try to remember the exact conversation to boost up the cognitive function. The more complex the conversation, the more active function, and processing would be, hence the more exercise of the brain.

10. Do Some Mind Mapping

Last but not least is mind mapping. This cognitive training workout works perfectly well in accentuating your cognitive abilities. Brainstorming, planning, and mapping are like a stream oozing out of the brain, thereby increasing the processing speed.

This cognitive workout will also help your brain in giving speedy responses to the challenges thrown its way. Thus, your brain processing is enhanced and enriched.

Brain exercises are important to enhance your focus, cognition, memory, creativity, and mental agility. Doing these healthy activies will also protect your brain against age-related degenerating problems like dementia and Alzheimer etc.

These exercises are not only healthy for the brain but also they are fun and rewarding. Start stimulating your brain with these exercises and witness the unparalleled agility of the human brain.


There is a lot of success in small things. The most important thing in life is to focus on those small things and with consistency, sooner or later you will be able to take down bigger goals.

Step by step, little by little, even if you focus on 1% growth every day, it will mean a 100% better you every 100 days. So if you are worried about how to Boost your brain or Improve memory and concentration, use the 10 tips above and see where you can bring that 1% change every day. Good luck!


  • A procrastinator, couch potato, and night owl, much like everybody else, but wants to live the ideal, hardworking, fit life, much like everybody else.

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A procrastinator, couch potato, and night owl, much like everybody else, but wants to live the ideal, hardworking, fit life, much like everybody else.


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