Life is enjoyable only if you stay safe and healthy. There is no bigger wealth than your health. And no amount of money or success can replace this jewel of life. A healthy person can enjoy all the treasures of life, be it food, travel, relationships or anything if you have health all the perks of life will be the opportunities to grab.

In this blog, we will cover the 10 best ways you can stay safe and healthy in life.

1. Exercise Regularly

Make health and fitness an integral part of your lifestyle. Exercising even at least 10 minutes a day will make your life better because exercise has an association with happiness.

At least once a day your body should feel a full warm-up. Go through exercising or play some sport and then sit for a while and feel what’s the difference. I’m sure you will definitely feel better.

If you are a total beginner, you can start with as little as taking a brief walk and slowly building it up from there. Contrary to that, if you are young and energetic or not young and energetic anyway, and you are very passionate to start an exercising routine, just take care of one thing, don’t push too much early on.

Your body can bear it for now, but the thing is that motivation won’t last for long if you are putting too much stress on your body.

Our brains are naturally designed to negate everything that requires a lot of effort and it will be difficult to maintain a very demanding fitness routine. The philosophy of less is more is very applicable here. Do less but do it continuously and consistently. Rather than doing more and leaving it within a week.

Also, if you think no pain no gain is the right motto for workouts, remember that it is only a myth when it comes to fitness because there is a difference in pain and discomfort. Feelings of pain usually mean injury and should never be normalized for workouts.

2. Take Care of Mental Health

For a safe and healthy life, it is important to take care of your mental health. There are a few basic ways you can do that:

  • Talk about your feelings with someone. Don’t make mountains from the molehills
  • Ask for help
  • Take breaks from work every now and then when work is getting too hectic
  • Little things in life matter the most. Your 1st win of the day can be something as simple as making your bed. Start your day with a win and feel good about it

It is also important to take care of your mental health by staying away from negative self-talk. Focus on the positives in life and don’t give too much of your brain to issues that are not in your hand. Or issues that have some pre-requisites to resolve 1st.

Work hard don’t think hard!

3. Stay Active

This probably is the most important advice for staying safe and healthy. Human bodies are naturally built in a way that favours a moving person. Activity is the jugular vein of life. Start moving more often. Don’t store the negative energies in your body.

4. Keep Everything Clean

It’s a psychological thing that when things around you are clean and organized, it helps you improve productivity. And your body is part of that environment. Due to pandemic, home offices are the new normal and to keep things moving, it is important to create an office-like environment around your work setup at home. Disorganization like an untidy room or self can hamper your productivity. So take care of both yourself and your environment…

5. Speak Out

Find someone trustworthy enough in front of whom you can just open up. Trust humans, embrace your human nature… As humans, we can’t survive without socializing. An idle brain is the devil’s workshop.

Don’t fill your brain only with your own thoughts. If something is bothering you, discuss it with someone.

6. Have Good Sleep

For optimal brain performance, good night sleep is a very important aspect of life. Normalizing the nightrider routine can impact your health in an adverse manner. Occasional nightlife is good but making a habit of it is not a good idea.

7. Eat Healthily

Food is the fuel that runs the engine of your body. Make sure that 95% of the food going into your mouth is a total healthy food. You can cheat on the 5% with sugar and unhealthy things. Your body can take care of it.

8. Limit Screentime

As Melissa Newman says, reduce your screen time and reclaim your life. It sounds strange but how limiting screentime can reclaim a life?

The thing is, if you think deeply, most of the things people do on the Internet especially social media are useless things. They have zero value and we confuse it with time pass and entertainment.

There are far better things to get entertained through.

The least you can do is limit your screen time. And the best way to limit screen time is to keep in check what are your online activities and how much time are you spending on those social media. If you don’t control it now, it will be even difficult to control it in future. Because the social media you are putting your time on is heavily investing in the scientific researches and psychological studies to trap you even tighter on social media.

Screentime Impact on Work

That long screen time and getting too fond of likes and shares and stuff can even impact your work. Instead of focusing on work, if you are continuously getting distracted by social media, it will impact your worktime in more than one way. The quality of your work can decrease and your work hours will increase. So in order to fix both these issues, reduce your screen time from social media.

Screentime Impact on your Health and Safety

Not only long screen times are bad for your eyes but also for the mental health. Too much social media and Netflix will hamper your physical and mental peace. So avoid it as much as you can.

9. Stay Hydrated

Water is the reason there is life on Earth. Our body is mostly water, your every organ needs a sufficient amount of water to operate at its optimal best. We have a separate blog post on the importance of drinking enough water, do check it out.

10. No Self-medication

Not going to see a doctor and taking matters into your own hands can have an adverse impact on your health. People don’t consider it a problem which in many cases is true but it’s a huge risk. If you are not a professional, even succeeding 9 out 10 times is not a good number to take medical affairs in your own hands. Check out this 1-minute video to find out why it isn’t a good idea to self-medicate?

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