There is always a right and a wrong way of doing anything. Physical exercises are no different. If done in a wrong manner, it can harm the body more than it can benefit.

And when it comes to using exercising equipment, the damage can be even more severe because machines are designed to target certain areas and muscles in the body. The damage will be more severe because you are exerting pressure on a specific area rather than divided stress on many parts of the body.

In this blog, we will highlight the top 5 signs you are doing some of the common exercises wrong:

1. How do you tell if I’m Doing Squats Wrong?

The most common mistakes while doing squats are rounding your back, going only halfway down, rising on your toes, and caving in your knees.

To avoid all of these, try to practice the proper form, keep your back in a neutral position with your shoulders back, your chest up and your feet shoulder-width apart, turned out at 45 degrees.

As you go down, work your bum and core muscles and keep your weight on heels as if you were sitting back into a chair. Keep the arms straight and in front of your stomach.

When you are doing it right, your knees will push outwards and your back will stay straight. If you want to add weight to it, use lighter ones first and increase them as you gain strength.

2. Wrong footing in Leg Press Machine

The leg press seems like a rather simple machine that works out glutes and thighs but if you are using it wrong it won’t do you any good.

Avoid going too deep with your knees from the start since it can injure your lower back. It’s important to keep your legs bent at 90 degrees and don’t lock your knees as you straighten them.

A lot of people ignore their healing position and let them slide off the edge of the platform. Don’t make this mistake and keep them on the slay to keep them balanced and avoid unnecessary pressure on your knees.

Also only load a weight you can work with. You won’t benefit from the shallow reps.

3. Pushups

Stretching the elbows too far out, moving with your hips instead of the whole body, bending your back and neck and going only half way down are the most common mistakes people make when they do pushups.

Are you guilty of any of those?

To avoid them in the future, try to keep your back straight, let your arms do all the moving work, keep your hands parallel to your chest on the floor. Your head should be in a neutral position and your move should be slow and controlled.

When your chest reaches the surface, push up until your arms lock out.

4. Common Treadmill Running Errors

Cardio is an important part of any workout routine and the treadmill is a perfect way of doing it. We have compared running on a treadmill vs running outside in a different thread but here we will discuss some of the common mistakes in treadmill running.

When you are on a treadmill, avoid the temptation of holding on to the handrails. It makes running easier but less effective and you can damage your posture as you hunch over the machine.

If you can’t run without holding the handrails, lower the speed or incline level. Don’t set it higher than 8 percent to save your back, ankle, and hips from the strain they don’t deserve, and never ever jump off the machine that is still in motion. This might sound funny and obvious but it’s one of the common causes of gym injuries.

5. Signs your Stomach Crunches are Wrong

Anyone who wants a torn belly practices crunches. If you are one of those people who are not seeing any results in their abdominal muscles you just might be doing the crunches the wrong way.

Don’t tuck your chest in your chin as many people do. This strains the neck and stays closer to the floor about 3 inches off the mat should be fine. Take your time, going slower will help you do the exercise properly and engage your core to the max.

10 real crunches are better for your body than 10 not so good attempts.


Not doing the exercise is much better than doing it the wrong way. If instead of getting the results, you are getting only injuries, strains, and pain, it is better to learn the proper way of doing different exercises than to feel the shame in asking for assistance or educating yourself through watching exercise videos.

Hopefully, this post will be a good help in fixing your wrong exercises.

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