Cardio Exercises are the most reliable calorie burning exercises. They lift your heart rate and burn calories even several hours after workout. With machines or without machines you can perform cardio whichever way you prefer.

A part of cardio exercising is the high intensity interval training or HIIT in short. As the name suggests, it has intervals in it, mostly around 30 seconds of workout e.g. a sprint followed by a minute or two of jogging or 15 seconds of rest.

The most intense form of HIIT cardio is the Tabata Training, which is a set of exercises with a very small interval of rest in between, designed for athletes to workout a few minutes and improve their stamina and performance.

Though you can do cardio in many ways but in this post we will compare Running vs HIIT in other forms.

It is important to know that running itself is an HIIT workout that is known for burning most calories per minute among all forms of Cardio. You can do running both on machines and outside.

Types of Cardio we are going to compare in Running vs HIIT in other forms:

  • brisk walking
  • jogging
  • burpees
  • bear crawls
  • swimming

1. Running vs Brisk Walking

Running burns nearly double the amount of calories that walking can do. A research reported by The American Heart Association finds that walking is just as effective as running when it comes to avoiding the risk of heart disease.

You can choose between them which ever you feel suits you the best. If you want intensity choose running and if you want to build stamina and exercise for longer period of time choose brisk walking.

You can also mix them both.

A few benefits of running and brisk walking are listed below:

  • both burn calories
  • strengthen leg muscles
  • strengthen bones as they are weight bearing exercises
  • improve cardio vascular health
  • health weight maintenance
  • good for skin as both these exercises make you sweat

Only the comfort levels, time and amount of energy required is different in running and brisk walking. Choose one or choose both they are both good for you.

2. Running vs Jogging

Before drawing a comparison between running and jogging it is important to know that jogging is more close to running than than it is to brisk walking. If brisk walking takes your heart rate up to 100 beats per minute, jogging will take it up to 120-130 beats a minute.

It means that jogging is something between running and brisk walking. Important thing is that they are all good for your health and fitness.

Running is more of testing your limits that for how long your body can bear the top intensity while jogging is a way to build stamina by keeping the intensity at a medium pace and shoot for as long as you can.

Ultimately they are both tiring but with jogging you can improve your running time. Benefits of running and jogging are similar to benefits of running and brisk walking.

3. Running vs Burpees

Burpee is a full body movement that is a mix of cardiovascular training, core exercise and muscular development.

This ⬇️ is how a single rep of burpee looks step by step:

  1. stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart and arms by your sides
  2. get into a squat position and put hands on the floor
  3. kick or jump your legs back to get into a plank position
  4. jump or step your legs forward to return to a squat position
  5. return to the standing position

Between step 3 and 4 you can try a push-up which is optional but completes a full intensity burpee.

When it comes to running vs burpee listed below are the common benefits:

  • calorie burns
  • full body workout
  • good for weight loss
  • good for skin because of sweating
  • decreased body stifness

Benefits in running and burpees that are unique to each other:

Benefits and differences of Running (not in Burpees) Benefits and differences of Burpees (not in Running)
lower body exercisefull body exercise
strengthens lower body muscles and bonesstrengths muscles both in lower and upper body with greater emphasis on arms and legs
more of a weight loss exercisemore of a muscles building exercise
high intensity cardio vascular exercisemedium intensity cardio vascular exercise

4. Running vs Bear Crawls

Bear crawl is an all-in-one exercise that works all the major muscle groups in the unison and is a great challenge for core of your body.

Benefits of Bear Crawls

Bear Crawls build strength & power, boost metabolism and improve cardio fitness.

Check out a video below to see how bear crawls are performed:

Bear Crawls in comparison with Running

Running is a full body exercise mostly having an emphasis on lower body. Bear crawls, on the other hand, is a kind of constant gear shift exercise that puts your whole body weight on right leg and left hand in one instance and left leg and right hand in another instances.

And that gear shift keeps on changing workout out your whole body with bigger impact on arms, thighs and glutes.

5. Running vs Swimming

Next in Running vs HIIT is swimming.

Swimming is a low impact workout that influences the whole body to get better — primarily swimming boosts your heart rate, strengthens and tones the upper and lower body muscles, and burns lots of calories.

Running or Swimming? Which one is Better?

It depends on your goals.

Swimming is more cardiovascular workout than running, therefore if the goal is weight loss, swimming wins.

Running, on the other hand, is better than swimming if you want to prevent bone loss, all while toning your lower body, and burning calories.

For building upper body strength, swimming is better than running. The reason behind it is the resistance your body will get while in water. Running does workout your upper body, but there isn’t any resistance there.


That’s all in Running vs HIIT in other forms. It is always better to look for alternatives when you don’t like specific exercises or do something new for a change.

Running is an awesome exercise but it can get boring if done for a long term. You can switch to brisk walking, jogging, swimming, burpees, and bear crawls and get the desired outcomes.

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