Eating a healthy post workout meal will help you recover quickly and prepare you best for the next workout after rest. But what if you want to prepare something quickly and get over with eating as soon as possible?

See there are a lot of meal ideas that you can try after a workout but make sure that they are:

  • rich in carbs
  • less fatty
  • easily digestible and
  • contain proteins

These 4 conditions will not only make your post workout meal a healthy one but also will provide your body the strength and assistance in recovery that is otherwise not adequately possible through only rest.

Meals that you can Prepare in 5 minutes after workout

Keeping the 4 conditions above in mind, following are the meal ideas you can try post workout:

1. Egg omelet with avocado spread on toast

It doesn’t take much time for an omelet to be prepared for eating. If you want to keep it even more simpler, you can eat a half fry or a full fry.

Main thing is that eggs are rich in proteins and they are helpful and necessary for a human body to get nourished.

2. Whey protein, Oatmeal, almonds, and banana

You can buy whey protein online. And everything else i.e. Oatmeal, almonds and bananas are easily available in the market to buy.

These are all the kind of eatables that tick mark the requirements of a post workout meal and if you don’t want to eat something cooked and go for the natural, you can try this combination and get set quickly for the next workout.

But don’t forget to have a good rest in-between 2 heavy workouts, because there is no replacement for rest.

3. Cottage cheese and fruits

Cottage cheese is a plain fresh cheese curd having a mild flavor & a creamy soupy texture that is non-homogenous.

Also known as curds and whey, cottage cheese is made of cow’s milk by draining the cheese, unlike pressing it to create a cheese curd… keeping some of the whey and holding the curds loose.

Once you open the container, cottage cheese can last up to 2 weeks but hold the seal tight and keep it in the fridge.

As far as cottage cheese as a quick post workout meal is considered, you don’t need to prepare anything and can buy it online. It’s a low fat (4% milk fat) product, that you can put on fruits and enjoy eating in a post workout meal.

In a 163 calories cottage cheese, there is 28 grams of Protein, 6.2 grams of Carbs and 2.3 grams of fat. Additionally, Phosphorus, 24% of the Reference Daily Intake (RDI), Sodium, 30% of the RDI, Selenium, 37% of the RDI, and Vitamin B12, 59% of the RDI makes it super healthy for eating after workout.

4. Peanut butter with some rice crackers

Raw peanuts are super heavy and good to eat in winters to balance the temperature some what but peanut butter is super yummy and good for eating after workout.

When you just finish working out, your body and mind craves for food that can be prepared and consumed quick and leaves a good taste and a feeling of being full.

Peanut butter with crackers is a good meal that can be prepared within 5 minutes. You can also put peanut butter on bread if you prefer it that way.

In 161 calories peanut butter, there 14 grams of fat, 6 grams of protein and 6 grams of carbs. Additionally, 3.5 grams of fiber, vitamin E (37% of the Reference. Daily Intake (RDI) ) and Magnesium ( 19% of the RDI ), makes it a super health meal to eat after workout.

5. Skim milk and cereal

If you are a fan of eating cereals, this can be a nice combo for you after workout. Both milk and cereal are easily digestible food and drink and it goes well with the taste also.

Britishers love eating cereals in breakfast, will you like to try some? Check them out here.

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