One of the most common new year’s resolution is to work on improving health and fitness. Although, people start working on it with a lot of ambition and motivation, somewhere they fall into over-ambition and are not able to achieve what they had aimed for.

The Over-ambition Problem

Having specific health and fitness goals is fine,  but often people get to extreme limits to achieve their targets.

Their ambition becomes an over-ambition.

And they go for challenging workouts and specific diets which end up in exhaustion and both their mental and physical energy is consumed for no gain.

As a result, they either quit or reach their goals in a way that it becomes impossible to maintain it any further, which ultimately results in burnout, injury or failure.

How To Tackle Your Over-ambition

Tackling the problem of overdoing is very much possible.

I propose to ditch the demanding and overambitious targets and aim for flexible workout and diet routines.

Flexibility in workout and diet will help you achieve health and fitness goals easily.

Brain Signals

When we are hungry, our brain signals us to go get some food.

Same is the case with our body.

When it is craving for movement and exercise, we get the signal from the brain to get up and start moving.

Although the signals for food are far stronger, once you get into the habit of accepting your brain signals to move, it will get easier for you to move around more often and start working out.

Rome was not built in a day, no matter how motivated you are, don’t overdo any workout or exercise on the first day or at the start of a week.

Understand the limits of your body, or it will end up in a lot of pain later in the day or in the evening when you are going to bed.

When you adopt health and fitness as a lifestyle instead of a hobby or a challenge, you develop behaviour that enhances many areas of life.

A healthy lifestyle inspires creativity and teaches discipline. You won’t only look and feel better, but rather show up as a better version of yourself and to the people in your life that actually matter.

It’s Not Just Aesthetics

Health and fitness are not only about how you look, what food you eat or how much weight you can lift.

It is about:

  • how you feel
  • the quality of life
  • your focus on work
  • the ability to move
  • your psychological state

Health and fitness have a correlation with the quality of life. Your mood is better and you can physically do more things like going hiking, taking your dog to a walk, or paddle-boarding.

Set an Example

When a person decides to live healthily and eat healthily, he can inspire many around him. Be that figure of inspiration for your friends, family and children.

The outcome of such inspiration is a lower risk of disease and better relationships in your circle.

Embrace the Behavior Change

Challenging yourself with certain diets or workout challenges won’t last forever.

Embrace the human thing within.

Life happens, stress and depression can take place.

You won’t have the same energy to go through a certain challenge every day.

Your schedule is not a word from the holy book, it can be cheated on a certain day, accept these things and ADAPT, there is no shame in it. We are humans. We are imperfect.

Embrace that things won’t always work out the way you want them. A step back doesn’t mean failure. Quitting is a failure. Don’t quit but also don’t force yourself into doing things.

A day or two off won’t make you inconsistent but rather charge you to perform even better.

Be Consistent

For physical and emotional health, get your life into an equilibrium, a zone where you are neither over challenging nor under challenging your self and go consistent with that routine.

Of course, there can be cheat days, but getting back into position and going consistent is important.

Some people get quick results with extreme dieting or partaking in workout challenges, but this kind of challenging self beyond limits is not good for physical and emotional health.

Check out the dangers of building quick muscles.

Tips On Making Health And Fitness A Lifestyle

These are a few tips on making health and fitness a lifestyle:

  1. Find exercises that you find joy in
  2. Be patient in achieving your goals
  3. Don’t give up on foods you like
  4. Compete only with yourself
  5. Explore and find new things that impact your fitness.


Health and fitness are not only physical aesthetics goals but way more than that. Find the right balance in life. Be patient with yourself. Don’t get overambitious. Don’t set unrealistic targets. Start building in bits and pieces. Compete only with yourself. Eat well and eat what you like but make sure that you are eating healthy and not only eating but also burning those extra calories.

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