Life sometimes can be stressful. To take the mind off worries, people take refuge in different solutions. All these solutions somehow alter brain chemistry and relieve stress.
However many of these attempts can have negative consequences. Like gorging on chocolate ice cream or using tobacco, alcohol, or drugs.
But there is a fine way to tackle the stress that not only makes your mood good but also spreads happiness:
And that way is Exercising. There is a strong link between exercise and happiness.
Link between exercise and happiness

Link between exercise and happiness | A Guide For Happy Living picture credits: Bella Maris

Achievement of physical fitness goals creates a sense of accomplishment which intern leads to happiness.

The pride of improved physical appearance means the hours spent working out in the gym or at home were not wasted but redirected towards a more active and happy self.

But still, is there really a direct link between exercise and happiness?

We did a poll on Linkedin and 85% of people voted they felt happier and improved mood after exercise. 10% voted to say they either don’t know or a yes and no, while only 4% said they didn’t feel any difference in mood or happiness after exercise. Below is the attached screenshot of our poll.

Studies on Link Between Exercise And Happiness

It is scientifically proven that exercise has improved the sleeping patterns of insomniacs as well as decreased levels of incident depression.

Exercising also has shown the effects of antidepressants on the brain. This means Dementia patients can benefit from Exercising a lot. It is responsible for the creation of new brain cells in the part of the brain responsible for memory and learning.

Exercise Creates Antibodies to Protect your Body

A sound mind has a sound body. If you are physically healthy, only then you can be happy. And the thing is when you exercise, a special type of protein is produced in the immune system.

When bacteria, viruses, and other invaders are detected in the body. The antibodies hunt them and bind themselves with antigens and once locked on T-cells, the killer cells arrive and destroy the antigens.

Antibodies remain in the body for if the antigen they were designed to kill shows any backup. They also help in the production of other cells that assist in the immune system.

Disease Resistance

Heart diseases are very common these days. 7 of every 10 deaths in the US are associated with chronic diseases.

While stress and anxiety are making people more immune to heart diseases, happiness creates antibodies that decrease the chances of those diseases by 50%.

On the other hand, exercise increases T-cells in the body and produces antibodies by as much as 300%.

That’s why fitness is very important for your healthy living.

Happiness, Exercise, and Endorphins

Just like antibody production, Endorphins are also produced by happiness and exercise.

They are the chemicals, which cross through the gaps between neurons to pass a message from one to the other.

When a body is subject to stimuli like sex, food, or pain, endorphins are called by hypothalamus cells. Endorphins lock into the receptor cells called opioid receptors and block the pain signals while producing a euphoric feeling.

Endorphins are both pain killers and reward systems in the body. When someone hurts himself or eats something like chilly pepper, Endorphins ease the pain.

There is the term “runner’s high,” which refers to the euphoric feeling one gets when exercising.

Researchers say that light and moderate weight training and cardio exercises won’t produce endorphins, only heavy exercises that include sprinting or anaerobic exertion produce endorphins.

Between aerobic state and anaerobic state, when the body is not having enough oxygen to satisfy the muscles and cells feelings of “runner’s high,” occur.

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