They say chess is a very simple game, but playing simple chess is the most difficult thing.

The same rule is applicable in human life.

We are strong, we are tough but negative emotions can break us down.

This is human nature. You can get bored if you keep doing things in routine religiously.

Even if they are the simplest to follow.

Exercising and workouts are no different.

In this blog, we will try to answer How you can make Exercise a Habit?

First thing first…

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how to make exercise a habit

Know Yourself

Every person is aware of his strengths and weaknesses.

A little SWOT analysis from time to time can come in handy for a long time.

Understand yourself, choose your exercises accordingly and take a break whenever needed.

This habit of knowing yourself will help you in a long run.

Choose your Champions

Whatever new feet humans have achieved, they all have some basis within previous knowledge.

Like the idea of Airplane was inspired from birds.

Look around yourself or on the internet, there are many people who started from where you currently are.

See how they made health and fitness a lifestyle.

You can do the same.

Every champion once was a beginner.

Think of yourself as a fitness champion in the making.

Don’t Focus on One Thing

If you are exercising only to lose weight, you are doing it wrong.

Set a bigger goal. Research about the benefits of exercising.

With better perspective and bigger goals, you will stay motivated to exercise.

Not only that, exercise will give you muscles and better body shape.

Be Ready

Making a habit out of something takes time. Be ready for every situation.

Plan ahead ! what will you do if a certain situation occurs?

That if-else of self reasoning is very important in making exercise a habit.

Take a Break

If you are feeling sore, tired and not feeling energized after exercise or got busy because of some family emergency.

Take a break.

It takes more than a week to undo everything you have gained.

Such unintended situations can happen in life, don’t worry about them.

In fact, a break is much better than continuing and feeling depressed and fatigued.

These breaks will set you for better launch when you come back to exercising routine.

Mix things up

Working out every day is not boring.

What makes exercise boring is doing the same things every day.

This situation can be altered.

Like instead of running every day, you can play outdoor Sports.

By doing this you will get the benefits of running as well as get motivated for the next run.

Another thing is, there are different exercises that target the same muscle groups.

Switch around those exercises, mix things up and stay away from boredom.

Don’t Skip without a Reason

Doing something out of habit is an uphill battle.

There must be a good enough reason not to exercise on a certain day.

If you are not feeling to do it, ask yourself why?

If the answer is Laziness, you have to drag yourself towards exercise.

Find a better reason to skip a day’s exercise or you will lose the reason why you started it in the first place.


You only become what you think. To achieve something in life, you need to think and make some effort. It is the power of your decisions that takes you ahead or behind in life.

If health is your priority, there will be a lot of opportunities in life to reap upon

Better health will help you achieve more.

We wish you the best of luck in Health and Fitness journey 🙂

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