Fitness Motivation Tips

Fitness Motivation Tips

Just Not Feeling It Today? We have all been there

Whoever you are, a newbie, triathlete or a marathoner runner, you are someone who is in search of getting back into shape. Probably you have skipped many workouts and now you want to get back to it but have a little something in mind that what if I lose the focus again in future. Or there is a high chance you’re trapped in a spiral of negative self-talk and fooled your brain out of working out. These are no reasons to give up on your health.

No matter from where you have to restart, there is a  formula to get back on road. Maybe it means acquiring a better and realistic workout plan, going a little easy on self-accountability or getting better at self visualization. There are many ways to buck up and get on track for workout success.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

Below is a list of workout and fitness motivation tips which will keep you moving towards your goals.

1. “Why”

Before starting any workout routine, ask yourself why do I need to do this?

That “why” is the most important among motivation tips. It will give you many benefits like:

  1. you can explain it to anyone
  2. it encourages honesty
  3. you won’t lose track and get back easily
  4. it is important for a healthy life.

Checkout Lifehack organization’s cool link on importance of why

Most of the things we do in life must have a reason behind it. If it consumes your time and energy, it is very necessary to answer that “why”.

2. Find Meaning

The workout is not only about some strong arms and dropping pant sizes, it has many amazing health benefits.

Your energy level will be different, and you will have enhanced body confidence.

Finding meaning is the byproduct of Why do I work out?

3. Be Positive

Envisioning a goal is easy, achieving it is difficult. Once you make a start and have Identified the obstacles, make strategies on how to overcome them. Your brain will think about the negative more and first.

4. Stop the Negative Self-Talk

The human brain is a complex thing. In many cases, you have to fool your brain before it fools you. Come up with the kind of self-talk that prevents the brain from diving into complex rabbit holes, where it creates scenarios which have nothing to do with the real world. Don’t be hard on yourself. Reframe the negative thoughts. Accept that you have gone off mile today, and you will do better tomorrow. Try to replace the negative self-talk with positive self-talk, and you can do this by writing down your negative self-talk. Later, when you read it, with a fresher perspective you will see how wrong these self-talks are. The more you practice this, the more you will reduce the amount of negative self-talk.

Another technique to avoid negative self-talk is to get busy. Get in a company of someone, play chess, do anything that keeps you away from sitting idle.

An idle brain is the devil’s workshop.

5. Social Media Comparison is a distraction

Inspiration is a good thing but do not sabotage yourself with a comparison.

Photos and status updates on Instagram and Facebook can be deceiving and can trigger unhealthy thoughts.

Many times people compare their lives with the social media postings of other people without knowing that most of those people are covering their average lives behind the camera lens.

Those likes and comments can be very deceiving.

If you can’t handle it, avoid social media altogether. Those platforms are not for you. Work on your life goals, don’t look at what others are doing. If you work hard it will pay off well in one way or the other.

Comparisons will only sabotage you in a negative way.

6. Make a plan

Start small. Rome was not built in a day. Diving into an intense difficult routine can cause disappointment (bad injuries) when you are unable to keep up the pace. If you are a beginner do check out the Workout routines for beginners.

Make a workout plan that suits you, not Dwayne Johnson and Vin diesel or beyond that someone like Eddie Hall. Those are the rocks and beasts made with years of hard work and sacrifice.

7. Put It on a Paper

For productivity and inspiration, organize your goals, do some bullet journaling. Use techniques like “BuJo”, that has an overview of yearly goals, monthly log, daily log and an index to arrange and organize everything.

Writing it down is one way of determining what you are going to do. For a somewhat motivated person, it is easy to achieve those daily workout goals.

8. Be Accountable

If you truly want it, do share it. Talk about it with someone, to a friend or your partner or a family member about the goals you want to achieve and it will certainly push you to follow through. The funny pushes, high fives and fear of receiving unwanted jokes will keep your pushing for the words you said.

By nature, humans care more about what others will say. Get that nature in practice and reveal your plans in front of other people. This way you will remain accountable and determined to achieve all your goals.

9. Pull Out some Stick

A reward is not the only source of motivation for everyone, some people thrive on punishments. Learn the kind of person you are and what motivates you best, is it the carrot or a stick, so you can achieve the healthy habits accordingly.

It is also important to do the reward and punishment thing in a balanced way. Extremes are never good.

10. Get Rid of Bad Habits

Habits like drinking the sugar-rich beverages, fast-food meals and staying up late-night for no reason needs to be getting rid of.  Follow these expert tips from Keri Glassman, MS, RDN, founder of Nutritious Life.

Getting rid of bad habits and replacing them with good ones is where the improvement happens.

11. Be a Morning Person

Not being a morning person works fine for certain people but is not the case of vast majority. A huge population of people is yet to discover the benefits of being a morning person. It is scientifically proven that energies utilized in morning hours are more productive than later hours. For instance, check out what expert trainers at aptiv say about it.

Being the am person is far better than pm person. The night is for sleep and day is for work. That’s the rule of nature. Look at all the successful people in the world, you will rarely find pm people.

12. Mondays are the most important

For some unknown reason, it is seen that people think about and work on healthy activities more on Mondays compared to any other day of the week. Make your Mondays count and don’t miss out on the most important day of the week.

Beginnings are always important. Make your Mondays count. Take a good jump start and try to maintain it for the rest of the week.

13. Take some Rest

Muscles get sore after an intense workout, that’s a normal thing but if you’re getting feelings of stiffness all the time and are continuously not in a mood to workout because you are feeling tired, it might be a good time to have a full day or two off. Many beginners don’t know that proper rest is very important for growth.

In fact, resting is where the actual growth happens. Our muscles go in to recovery process and this is very they take shape and grow. Checkout a video on it.


14. See what Fitness Pros are doing

Whatever you do, there is a high chance, there is someone doing it better than you. For extra motivation and even better performance, find the most inspiring fitness fanatics either online or in your surroundings and see how they are doing things. Their experiences and way of training might help you improve even better.

Research on their journey and try to follow the path with a positive mindset.

15. Keep Track of Excuses in Check

Lastly, in Fitness Motivation Tips, it is important to keep in check what negative feedback your brain is throwing at you when you are physically tired. Make a list of them, and read them later when your brain is totally at rest, it will have a psychological positive impact.

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