Mobile phones and Computers were created to make things easier and save time. Although the purpose got sidelined a bit, this still is a fact. You can use the phone for healthy activities. One such activity is exercising and tracking progress using a fitness app.

Whether you want to run further, swim better, bike faster or slim down a little, there is an app for everything nowadays. 

What is a Fitness App?

A fitness app is a mobile phone app that recommends your exercises based on body weight, type and other relevant data. It tracks timely progress and helps achieve fitness goals by recommending exercises and fitness routines that suits you the best.

Everyone needs a little help when it comes to getting fit. For some, a good fitness pal is enough to stay active in a workout routine. But finding a buddy like this is not always possible.

This is where the role of fitness apps become prominent.

Fitness apps help you with reminders, they show you numbers, no matter how accurate or inaccurate they are, they sure do help in achieving something healthwise.

This blog is a comprehensive list of fitness apps you can choose from, number 3 on the list donates money to different causes when you achieve your fitness goals.

1. 8fit Fitness App

This app has free and paid versions including features of workout and meal plans. Based on the results you want to see, 8fit creates a personalized program for your diet and exercise.

This is best for people who seek a lot of guidance, suggestions, reminders and instructions. Simply choose any goal. Be it a loss in weight, getting fit or gain some muscles.

The app will then help you to be more specific e.g. decrease body fat to 20% in 3 months.

8fit will take a lot of details into consideration before instructing you anything on workout and fitness. Like what time of day you exercise or what is your meal like?

Once the app starts recommending, you will be able to determine how hard or easy it is to reach a certain goal.

When the fitness journey starts, you will use the app to workout from videos, log what you eat and get meal plans from the food you shop for a pre-workout meal, post-workout meal and overall food in general.

8fit fitness app is an all in one fitness app that helps you in achieving fitness goals without putting you into uncomfortable routines like dieting and stuff.

2. SweatWorking

SweatWorking is ranked number 1 in fitness coaching apps on the iTunes store. If we talk about features, this app has audio and video recordings from top fitness trainers.

SweatWorking covers all the genres of a fitness app like yoga, meditation, high-intensity exercises and strength exercises.

It also has a Gym Channel, where studios from around the world can upload recorded videos of workout at their stations.

The best thing, this is a free app.

3. Charity Miles Fitness App

This app donates money to the organizations of your choice. All you have to do is to log miles running, walking and bicycling.

Corporate sponsors will donate a small amount of a few cents for every mile you finish.

And in return, you can view their branding and information about them in the app.

Additionally, a calculator will help you determine how much you can raise if you meet certain goals.

Charity Miles is supporting organizations like ASPCA, Habitat for Humanity, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Unicef, Save the Children, and the Wounded Warrior Project.

knowing that activity can save many precious lives in a charitable way might be a cool thing to motivate people.

See what the creator of the app says about the application:

4. Fit Radio Fitness App

Fit Radio is a fitness app and website that streams music while you work out. It also has playlists for guided workouts.

At some points, DJs have listed music for specific workouts that go along nicely with the exercise.

Moreover, a voice in your ear will guide you on certain points to pace up or slow down while working out and enjoying music.

You can find music that matches your tempo or can choose the kind of songs that you think will go along with your exercise.

Formerly, there was not a free version of Fit Radio, but now it has a free version.

Though the free app has limited content.

Check out the 3-minute preview in the video below:

5. Fitbit Coach

Fitbit Coach gives you the luxury to watch videos and work out from almost anywhere.

There many options like stretching routines to stair workouts.

In the free version, they show very limited exercises in each category.

But in the premium membership, there is a bundle of exercises that you can choose from and get on track with the fitness journey.

Most of the content in the free version is similar to what you can find in a 7-minute workout app.

Check out their 1-minute intro video:

6. Forte

Forte is a website that streams live workout classes. You can join the class from anywhere. Follow the instructor in every exercise and no one will see or hear you.

You can take one free class per month but overall this is a paid site.

They charge 39$ per month.

Classes are arranged as per schedule. The date and time is pre-announced also the duration.

Equipment for a workout is usually no more than a mat.

Although, in some exercises, weights and stationary bicycle is necessary to have.

If you are looking to buy fitness equipment, check out our recommended best home workout equipment.

7. Jefit Fitness App

Jefit is a fitness app that mostly has a focus on strength training.

Although like any other app you can design it your way.

The app takes information about what muscles you want to target and suggests exercises accordingly.

This app comes with a calendar and gives you an option to log your activity.

There is also a calendar for planning off-days and exercise plans.

Jefit has both paid and free versions.

The free version has limited resources and is add-supported while the paid version has premium resources and is ad-free.

The paid version costs 6.99$ a month.

Check out 1 minute animated Intro of the app:

8. Jillian Michaels Fitness App

This app combines meal planning and workout for a great fitness experience.

The app also called My Fitness by Jillian Michaels, comes with customizable settings.

That means everything in this fitness app is customizable.

Jillian Michaels herself is a celebrity fitness trainer. In the app, you will watch her doing every exercise and listen to her voice throughout.

The app allows you to rate every exercise as easy, medium or hard.

For somewhat unfit people this app might be very challenging.

Overall it’s a very simple and good fitness app for use.

9. The Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout

This is a free fitness app. The best thing about this app is that it squeezes strength exercise into your life that is best for you to work out in an intense way.

Besides 7-minute workouts, the app has other features like First Timer, Intermediate 16 Minute and Core workouts.

The interface is attractive along with visual cues and audio that tells you when to start and stop a certain workout.

It also gives you an option to swipe right and select music.

This fitness app is one of our top recommendations.

It combines simplicity with information and options at zero cost.

10. Keelo Fitness App

This app lets you connect a heart rate monitor while working out.

You can preview each session before starting it.

Based on the available equipment and your ability level, the app lets you choose the best options.

Keelo is based suited for use in a gym.

You can get a 2 weeks free trial but overall Keelo is a paid app that comes at 12.99$ a month.

There is also a free version but with very limited content.

11. Lifesum Fitness App

Lifesum is a calorie counting app that basically lets you balance your food intake every day. Based on what you want to achieve, i.e. gain weight, lose weight or maintain it, it helps you balance the breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

The app also keeps track of proportions in food like the amount of protein, carbohydrates, and fat.

Lifesum comes in both free and paid versions. Though the free version is very limited.

Check out what Corey Calliet, a celebrity trainer says about this app:

12. Map My Fitness

For new fitness enthusiasts, who are determined to stay long in the game, Map My Fitness is the best app.

The app lets you record almost any activity you do.

Before doing any physical activity, launch the app, log what you are doing and the app will start recording the activity.

With time, the app shows calories burned, along with other stats that changes based on what you are doing.

The app is mostly free but has a paid version of 5.99$ a month and 29.99$ a year.

The paid version has advanced features like heart rate and cadence.

You can also log an activity manually if you forgot to log one in a live environment.

13. The Mayo Clinic Diet

This is a web-only program that mostly covers weight loss programs.

They provide you with meal programs that will surely help you lose weight.

The program is not good for people with dietary issues, as they can’t opt for a vegetarian-only plan.

Though you can swap a meal with something else if you don’t like an upcoming meal.

There is nothing more special in this program other than a meals plan for every day.

It can work out well for people who need a lot of instructions on what to eat and what not to.

This site charges 52$ per quarter, i.e. every 3 months.

14. Mindbody Fitness App

For fitness and wellness, Mindbody helps you locate local resources.

The app has a database that helps you locate different fitness programs going on or upcoming in your area.

Often, you can even book yourself for those programs within the app.

This app is really good for some cities and best for the USA and Canada but not very good for other regions.

Mexico City, the capital of Mexico is also in the good list for using this app.

The good thing is that this app is free for now.

15. MyFitnessPal

I have used this fitness app myself. In fact, the only app I used until now. Though after working on this blog post I’m looking to switch to Fit Radio but anyways, back to the topic.

MyFitnessPal is mostly a calorie counting app.

The app helps you write down everything you eat along with all the activities you do.

It then compares calories consumed vs calories burned.

The app is so extensive in the list of foods and ingredients that you can log almost anything that you are eating.

In fact, the best logging app I’ll say.

MyFitnessPal also has a social community for meal recommendations.

In the paid version, which is available for 9.99$ a month, you can remove ads and include the breakdown of macronutrients like protein, carbohydrates and fat.

Check out this video on how to use MyFitnessPal:

16. MyPlate (by LeafGroup/Livestrong)

MyPlate is an all in one fitness app.

It covers everything from weight management to workout and from calories count to all the recipes that are good for your fitness journey.

17. Nike Training Club

In this fitness app, when you first enrol, the app asks for information.

Based on the information provided, Nike Training Club recommends workouts.

The time duration of the workout is 30, 45 and 60 minutes usually.

This app has both free and paid versions.

Some of the videos are locked in the free version and are accessible only to paid members.

In the videos, trainers do the moves and give instructions with the voice on what to do and for how long in duration.

18. Noom Fitness App

Next on the list of Best Fitness Apps is Noom.

Noom is a weight loss fitness app program designed for a unique experience.

Every day, you will open the app, log what you ate, and get access to relevant articles that will help you read on how to lose weight?

To keep the reader engaged, they have added quizzes and questions to create a better interactive environment and user experience.

Noom can also set you up with a personalized coach and a support group to chat and grow together.

This program focuses on your behaviour psychology and helps you make your habits right which intake will improve your health and fitness.

There is a link between exercise and happiness.

Noom’s focus on behavioural psychology will help you find meaning in all your activities and it will train you in a way that brings you closer to healthy activities and living.

Although the application is not that interactive and comes with no money-back guarantee in 59$ a month, the application does give you an option to sign up for two weeks pay what you wish for offer.

See how Noom works:

19. Openfit

Looking for live exercise classes at a low price?

Try Openfit. This fitness app will direct you to get enrolled in live fitness classes, get registered ahead of the session and if you miss a class, watch any previously recorded class and workout.

You will find circuit training, kickboxing, barre, pilates, strength training, running, stretching, yoga, and much more in this fitness app.

It is up to you whether you like to open the camera and show the instructor how you’re doing in a workout or you can opt to keep the camera shut.

The app comes in 14.99$ a month or 99.9$ a year.

20. Shred


With basic Gym equipment, Shred fitness app helps you do workouts that are based on your goals.

Shred will help you set up a whole program so you know what to do and what days to do them.

On a new sign up, a user gets access to all the features free for a week.

Later on, the user can choose the free version or pay for all the features in-app.

Shred comes at 12.99$ a month or 99.9$ a year.

Checkout Shred app in action:

21. Strava

Next in the series of Best Fitness Apps is Strava.

This app is specially designed for swimmers, cyclists and runners.

In this fitness, you compete against yourself or other swimmers, cyclists and runners who have previously used the same track.

GPS will track where you go and how fast you move.

At the end of a session, it then shows you all the data of you and other people who used the same track.

The app will show you points where you need to improve and places where you are among the leaderboards.

Being in Strava, it is important to keep all your important information private.

For fitness and vlogging YouTubers, Strava and Relive is a perfect connection. Check out how:

22. WW Digital fitness app

This fitness app focuses on personalization and overall health.

If you want to lose a lot of weight, this app comes with a highly interactive in-app community. People will help you in your journey and you will find a lot of people chatting about fitness all the time.

The thing is you don’t need to attend any meetings and go talk to a counsellor.

Although, you can pay a fee and do such an activity.

See how WW works:

23. C25K

For runners, this is one of the best fitness apps.

The good thing is that this app comes with an 8-week free program that gives users three workouts a week.

Check out more in a short video visual here:

24. Sworkit

You can tell this fitness app what kind of workout you are looking for (strength, cardio, yoga, or stretching) and how much time you have.

And the app will deliver the moves that you can perform in the sweat time.

In the paid version, which comes at only 4.99$ a month, the app will give you even more details of how many reps to perform and the areas of the body to focus on.

Check out the intro of the Sworkit fitness app here:

25. Daily Yoga

For Yoga lovers, this is the best fitness app. The app has more than 50 classes shot in HD Videos.

Moreover, this app has detailed videos shot on more than 500 poses. These videos can help you achieve your fitness goals through yoga e.g. weight loss or reducing belly fat etc.

Check out an episode of Explore Gadgets featuring Daily Yoga:

26. Endomondo

Cardio exercises are usually difficult to perform. It can get boring because of breathing problems and the urge to fall somewhere.

No matter what the circumstances, something needs to keep you on track and keep you going.

Endomendo helps you compete against yourself. It will let you know if you are on track to meet a target or not.

See a preview video here:

27. Daily M|WOD

Next in the series of best fitness apps comes Daily M|WOD.

Dr Kelly Starrett launched this app in 2005, as a mobility-focused program.

The use of rollers, resistance bands and follow along videos will help you perform basic maintenance and increase the motion of your body.

28. Blogilates

Blogilates is basically a youtube fitness content channel. The owner later created a free app that comes with a paid workout calendar and 0.99$ for some of its videos.

This application offers workouts on demand.

The content is skewed for more feminine than masculine.

Although, the exercises are for everyone.

The workout videos require as little as a mat, comfortable clothes and an attitude to do things.

In addition to videos, the app offers recipes and a workout calendar.

29. Foodility

As the name suggests, this fitness app has a lot to do with food.

If you want to track your food and diet in an effective way and exercise your way out, Foodility is made for you.

You will log a calendar with meals you have, your physical activity, water intake and weight and the app will show you the progress or regress from time to time with the exercises you are doing.

You will get push notifications and many viewing options that will keep you in the right direction.

Check out the best Habit tracking apps including Foodilities in the video below:

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