Procrastination in today’s world is the new normal. Starting a new hobbies or working on the existing skills is becoming more and more difficult. Not only that but also even doing everyday chores is becoming a difficult thing to do because people are delaying their stuff to a later time.

In this scenario, if you are looking for a solution to get rid of procrastination you have to find something that won’t allow your brain to take any significant time in decision making. The 5 second rule or 5 second method is one of those solutions.

What is the 5 second method?

5 second method is a self management technique in which you have to get up and start working on an effort demanding task within 5 seconds of the thought coming into your mind, otherwise you are going to delay it to a later time and possibly won’t do it or delay it even further.

Effort in this scenario can be mental or physical or a mix of both. e.g. you have an assignment pending or it’s prayers time or anything like that… you have to get into working mode within 5 seconds the moment that thought of doing the assignment or prayers etc pops up in your mind.

Scientific Research On The 5 Second Rule

Most scientists for a larger part of history kept believing that 5 second rule is a myth. They said procrastination is there because it’s in human nature. The brain wants to protect you against doing things that require effort and leaving the comfort zone behind.

Melanie Robbins, an American lawyer, television host, author, and motivational speaker says motivation is nothing. Everyone has goals, ambitions and dreams in life that require effort and most people believe that what they are missing is motivation which is not true.

Because the way our minds are wired and the thing about human beings is that we are not designed to do things that are uncomfortable, scary or difficult. Brain is designed to protect against these things because the brain wants to keep us alive.

And in order to change and build a business or be the best parent or the best spouse and do all the good things you want to do with your dream or life or work you have to do things that are uncomfortable, uncertain and scary.

Doing the little things to improve life is the most difficult thing to do. Watch the video below to know more about the findings of Melanie Robbins about motivation, 5 seconds rule and life goals in general…

5 Second Rule To Tackle Procrastination

Human brain is an expert of killing ideas. In order to protect the idea and get things done, you have to start working on things within 5 seconds of receiving the impulse to do something.

In that way you can kill procrastination by not giving the brain enough time to stop you from working on each milestone. Success is a step by step combination of milestones that get halted on each step by procrastination and laziness, 5 seconds rule is a savior to get things done in a timely manner.

How 5 Second Rule Can Change Your Life?

5 seconds rule can absolutely change your life. Once you have taken the giant leap from dreamer to doer, you will see an improvement in life. You will observe that with every discomfort there is a followed up ease, a sense of accomplishment, happiness and self abundance.

With each passing day, you will grow and be in a better situation than where you were yesterday. Closer and closer to what you want to do with your life, goals, skills and everything…

Take 5 seconds rule as a challenge and start applying it in life, it won’t only change your life but absolutely conquer things up.

5 Second Rule For Kids

Kids are amazing. They usually don’t need motivation or approval at least till the age of 4 to get what they want. They are natural-born geniuses who change because society tells them to do things a certain way.

Otherwise, they learn a lot through doing things 100 times and finally learning it. Take an example of walking, a 6 to 13 months old don’t need your approval or any kind of motivation to start walking. He/she will fall 1000 times but still try to do things on their own.

The problem is with kids above the age of 4. You can educate them and introduce the 5 seconds rule to them. They are the ones who can benefit from it because although they are not that good at decision making. Your parenting and counseling can influence them to act on doing things quickly. Plus their attention span is much better than teens and adults.

If there are any skills or things like doing homework or anything that the kid delays unnecessarily, you can teach the kid a 5-second rule to alter the situation.

5 Second Rule For Weight Loss

Each time you are about to choose what to eat next e.g. if you are out to eat with friends and there is option to choose between healthy food like salads and non healthy foods like fried and fatty foods, just count back 5-4-3-2-1 and choose the healthy option.

Don’t give your brain enough time to fall for the unhealthy food.

Plus if it’s your workout time and it feels like impossible to get up, count back and just start moving. Your health is more important than any kind of comfort and the brain is just lying to you by delaying or stopping you from exercise.

This is how you can adjust 5 second rule in weight loss or any other kind of fitness goals.

Situations Where 5 Second Rule Doesn’t Work

There are some situations where the 5 second rule doesn’t work. Some of them are listed below:

1. High Intensity Interval Training Exercises like Tabata Training

Tabata is a form of HIIT workout where you have to do an exercise for 20 seconds with a maximum effort and take a rest of 10 seconds before moving to the next exercise. And it’s a 3 minutes workout in total.

If instead of 10 seconds, you reduce the time of rest to 5 seconds, it will be impossible to continue working out this way. Because such workouts are known for increasing the heart rate right from the 1st exercise and most people won’t be able to cope with such intensity in heart rate. Even 10 seconds gap is a huge challenge that most people can’t tolerate easily.

2. Strategic Decision Making

In board games especially chess, the 5 second rule will be a total waste. You either have to take your time and find the right move on the board or use your knowledge and make a move even before 5 seconds.

The 5-4-3-2-1 rule is totally useless in such a situation. Also in other kinds of strategic decision making like business decision making or things like laying out the storage area of a warehouse, the 5 second rule is not of any use.


5 seconds rule is a powerful self management technique. It can be used to make a decision that can otherwise lead to procrastination or a total halt of not doing that thing at all. 5 second rule makes you do things that your brain is not comfortable to do but are actually good for your overall well-being.

That’s all in the 5 second rule. If you have any idea of covering this topic in a more broader sense or want to ask anything else about the 5 second rule, feel free to reach out through the contact us page.

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