Internet is full of sources talking about what it takes to achieve a healthy living.

Everywhere a person looks, there is an enormous amount of information available. In fact, that info is borderline excessive. So what should a person do to stay healthy?

Fortunately, there are some basic ways that anyone can follow and stay healthy. Here is our top 10 Tips To Stay Healthy:

10 Tips To Stay Healthy

picture credits: bellamaris 10 Tips To Stay Healthy

1. Don’t consume sugar-rich drinks:

Experts say sugar-rich drinks can increase the chances of cardiovascular death. They are a reason for unattractive body fats especially the belly fat. Our brain can’t calculate calories from drinks in the same way it does for solid food and this is the reason why these negative calorie-rich drinks end up as fats in the body.

See what the experts say on this topic:

2. Avoid Junk Food As Much As Possible

These foods are processed and engineered in a fashion to trigger your pleasure centres. Some experts say junk food can be as addictive as drugs. Furthermore, they even went on to draw comparisons with cocaine and cigarettes, which sounds unrealistic but has some basis. Check out how:

3. Eat fish

Fish is a high-quality protein-rich food.

Check out a detailed blog on Health Benefits of Eating Fish here.

Furthermore, it is even better if that fish is fatty fish because fatty fish is full of omega-3 fatty acids and many other nutrients.

Not only fatty fish is rich in nutrients and fatty acids but it also reduces the chances of heart disease, dementia, and depression.

Check out foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids here:

4. Get Enough Sleep

Good sleep is more important than a good diet. Yes, you heard it right. No diet, no exercise is as important for healthy living as good quality sleep is. But the question is what is the right number of hours to sleep?

Well, it differs from age to age and person to person. You have to understand how much your body needs to sleep. If someone is increasing or decreasing his hours of sleep, the discomfort will be evident to him.

Further, it is important to shut down all your screens in the natural sleep hours i.e. the night time, otherwise, it can result in negative mood swings and excessive daytime sleepiness.

Check out what health experts say on appropriate sleep time:

5. Drink water

Every single organ in our body requires water. Also, almost 70% of our body is made of water.

Surprisingly, water even boosts the number of calories you burn by increasing metabolism by 24–30% in 1–1.5 hours. In fact, that is around 96 additional calories from 8.4 cups (2 litres) of water per day.

6. Vitamin D3

If you are not getting enough exposure to the sun, take vitamin D supplements.

As a result, you will achieve better bone health, increase in strength, decrease in depression, and a lower risk of cancer.

Moreover, check out what Dr Ryan Menard says on this topic.

7. Do Cardio

Cardio is any exercise that increases blood flow in your body and the heart starts beating faster than usual.

Running is the most common example of cardio exercise. Furthermore, it helps in reducing excessive body fats. Not only that but also you will see an improvement in metabolic health.

8. Lift weights

Weight lifting is absolutely necessary for muscles and body composition.

Besides, it is also important for achieving good metabolic health including improved insulin sensitivity.

9. Relationships

Social relationships are important for both mental and physical health.

As a result, people who have family and close friends are healthier and they live longer than those who do not have these relationships.

10. Don’t go on a Diet

Yes, you heard it right. Doing it is a cool thing but diets rarely work and are ineffective in a long run.

Instead of diet, burn more calories, eat healthier. Focus on better nourishment rather than depriving your body for food.

If you want more on this topic. Checkout, how not to diet?

We wish you a happy healthy life. What you think about this article?

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