4 Reasons Why Chess is a Respected Game!

why chess is a respected game

Basically chess is a respected game because unlike other board games the outcome is more dependent on skill rather than luck. This one detail appeals the human psyche. Chess is logical, aesthetic, adventurous, and requires courage to make certain moves. All these things combine and make chess a very respectable sport. Not to forget that … Read more

Chess IQ And Math: Debunking Myths And Facts

Chess IQ and Math: Debunking Myths

Chess is a game that has long been associated with intelligence and high IQ. But is it true that chess is all about IQ? Can only smart people excel at chess? And how important is math in chess? In this article, we’ll explore these questions and more, and try to separate fact from fiction when … Read more

Is Chess A Game Or Sport? – A Detailed Guide

is chess a game or sport

Chess is considered to be both a game and a sport. As a game, chess is a mental activity that is played for pleasure and entertainment. It involves two players using strategy and skill to outmaneuver each other on a board with specific pieces and rules. As a sport, chess is a contest in which … Read more

Is Chess A Big Sport? – A Detailed Guide

is chess a big sport

In recent years chess has seen a boom in popularity. The competitive aspect of the game has grown, with the rise of professional players, tournaments, and even online competitions. As the popularity and visibility of chess continues to grow, the question arises: is chess a big sport? Well chess is a widely recognized and respected … Read more

Best 4.5 Midfielders in FPL | Top Bargains

best 4.5 midfielders fpl

A 4.5 valued FPL midfielder usually is a bench warmer that completes your squad within the 100m budget. But the thing is, it’s still possible to get something out of a player of such low value. Statistics can help and so can the knowledge of squad depth and bench options for each Premier League team. … Read more

What Is Chess Addiction? | How To Deal With It? | A Detailed Guide

Chess addiction is a condition where an individual becomes compulsively fixated on playing chess and may prioritize it over other aspects of their life. This can lead to negative consequences such as neglecting responsibilities and social relationships. Have you ever felt that playing chess is a waste of time? Are you worried that the time … Read more